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2 months ago
648.8 masl


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Checked passports, waived us on. Friendly


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was pulled over - asked for Passport. When realized we are german, he said sorry for pulling us over and wished a nice trip. Do not know what they were looking for but they have been friendly all the time

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Pulled over going north. Asked for vehicle documents. Told us our license plate was covered by our bike rack and that was illegal. We’ve never had a problem before (it’s mostly visible), we talked for a bit and he let us go. Overall it didn’t take long!

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Not here today. No sign of a permanent checkpoint.

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We were pulled over coming from north. We overwhelmed them with all the paperwork we just got at the border, they wrote down something from our passports and let us go.

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They had stopped another car so we just moved ahead...

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no sign of a police checkpoint today.

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Checked passports, waived us on. Friendly

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