Parque Nacional Monte Leon | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: -50.334783, -68.884650
Altitude: 28.8 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: No
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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2017 update - 300 for van and two people (we'll have to pay 50 more each if we want a shower). No place to wash dishes. Drinking water hard to get. People running campground are friendly but they run the place on the tight side. All the actual park rangers we met were super friendly. Campground windy but beautiful views. Lots of wildlife too. Park was closed yesterday due to rain which makes the roads very slippery. Take all the walks, also the low tide one.


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Really worth the visit. Super windy when we went so the penguins were huddled up on the top of the viewing cliff. Check in with the ranger as they have some important information to share and cool things to see in the visitor center. Can't believe it is free!

Nice place to eat- tables and grills and toilets. The road is good, no problems without 4x4. However you cannot sleep here anymore (the guardaparque told us). Amazing view of the beach.

ask by the registration if its possible to stay and camp overnight in the park! the campground was closed so we did only the walk to the penguins!

Parc is closed when it has rained, the road will be too bad

Camping is closed at the Moment.Rangers did not allow staying overnight at all.

For 300 you get a car parking place and a toilet without paper and light - nothing else. The only valid reason to stay is if you what to spend more than a day inside the park, but a day is more than enough.

300 for van and two people (we'll have to pay 50 more each if we want a shower). No place to wash dishes. Drinking water hard to get. People running campground are friendly but they run the place on the tight side. All the actual park rangers we met were super friendly. Campground windy but beautiful views. Lots of wildlife too. Park was closed yesterday due to rain which makes the roads very slippery. Take all the walks, also the low tide one.

They are now asking for 300 pesos. BBQs, benches and toilets. Showers but not working. There is also a small café.

worst campground ever, no showers, no toilet paper, very unfriendly service, the electricity was obviously turned off as we arrived and the guy told us it's because there is no wind (haha)

nice place but the most expensive campgroung we've seen so far, and with NO amenities. 300 ARS for just a parking lot, as showers as closed (and in summer you have to pay an extra fee of 30 ARS per shower), there is no water, dishwashing is forbidden, etc... Don't go!

The park is still open and the entry is free. But the campground has nothing to do with the the national park system, but the place is inside the park. This camground is far too expensive. They asked for 300 pes. for a motorhome with two peoples. Shower 30 pes.p/p extra. no power, no drinking water just a dusty place. My recommendation..... visit the park early the day, and see all the nice spots it's well worth it. See everything in 4-5 hr and leave the park. It's not allowed too stay overnight somewhere inside the park.

They asked now 300 Pesos for nothing, no shower, no water, no electricity, no Wifi. Dear travellers, let this place die!

Wir waren 2 Tage im Park und haben viele Tiere gesehen. Ein besonderes Erlebnis ist es, bei Ebbe vom Strand am Campground in Richtung der Seelöwenkolonie zu laufen. Eine tolle Kulisse. Wir haben für zwei Tage 500 Pesos für unser WoMo und zwei Personen gezahlt.

Park close in the beginning of october

Ugh, what to say... Between here and the Chilean border there isn't much, so it is obvious why people come here. And it should be amazing... But. We got in late (11pm) so let ourselves in. 5 minutes later, in the dark, a man storms over and yells whilst scribbling down our number plate and then leaves without letting us speak. We followed him back to the office where he continued to rant about our lack of respect. He threatened a 'huge fine' for driving past the gate. Finally we calmed him down and paid. Then he was totally friendly all of a sudden because he wanted us to give him Australian currency (we are Australian) for his coin collection. Weird. He also made some really derogatory comments about German travellers that we were offended by. Anyway, for 200 pesos we didn't get anything. No water (potable or otherwise), no showers, no nothing. Not even toilet paper is supplied! My tip, camp outside the park and come in for a day trip. It's gorgeous, but given the opportunity I would never support this campground ever again.

The park is really nice and one walkway is also for disabled people. The campground cost you now 200 Arg Pesos for 2 people. The showers and toilets were clean and also suitable for disabled persons.

200 pesos per campsite, whether you are one car or up to 2 tents and 6 people, same price. Park entrance free, tons of penguins, penguin trail open from 9am-7pm. Showers not working still, nice BBQs and bathrooms.

Great place...very special and wild. Penguins were close and plentiful as were sealions. If raining the the park closes as the roads are clay and would be very slippery...impossible for a moto. One of the highlights of our trip. for the park was paid for by one of the founders of outdoor company Patagonia...and wife of the late Doug Thompson...who founded North Face....thank you.

The park and the camp site are very nice location (ARS 180 for truck & 2 people) but the wild-life was really disappointing. Penguins are much better at Cabo Dos Bahias near Camarones further north, and the sea-lions are much better on the beach near Caleta Olivia (also further north).

The park is awesome. The view is really nice, there are great walks u can do and lots of animals to see here... marine and not.
The camping ground is nice, it has fire pits and tables but it is not worth the cost, 180 argentinians for the motorhome one night, no showers.
Parking overnight is not allowed in other areas of the park.

El parque es muy lindo. La vista es hermosa, hay varias caminatas muy buenas y muchos animales que ver, marinos y no marinos!
El camping es lindo, tiene parrilleros y mesas, pero no vale el costo, 180 argentinos el motorhome. Y no hay duchas...
Estacionar x la noche no esta permitido en otras areas del parque.

The NP is beautiful! We paid $180 pesos (2adults + van) for pass the night in the camping. The showers are not avaible.

A great little free campsite, with fire pit and table and chairs. It was very windy at night. Nature trails split off the main road to a penguin colony (2km walk) and a sea lion colony (15 min walk). Very beautiful coastline.

Price is free. A really nice camping area near stunning beach, only negative is no wind protection. We were just exhausted by the wind here, very hard to sleep. Without wind this place would be wonderful. Only amenity in bathrooms was flush toilets, sever water shortages so no showers. Each site has a picnic table and a BBQ. Cute foxes hung around our campsite.

Very nice and well kept campground. BBQ, table/bench combination at each site. Trash cans, sinks and clean bathrooms. The showers still didn't work. Very windy, no shelters! Park entrance and camping are free.

The park and camping are free. The sites have picnic tables and fire pits, but you must bring your own wood. Bathrooms are open all night.

Very lovely campsite inside the NP - for free! One toilet was open, but the showers are closed due to environmental water restrictions as the Ranger told us later. The coastline is absolutely stunning! Recommended!

Beautiful National Park with penguins, beaches and great views. Camping Iain an area just back from the beach. There are toilets and fire rings. We were not charged anything to enter the park or to camp.

Update on amenities: "tea house" is closed and locked. Flushable toilets and toilet paper, sinks with running non-potable water are available. Campsites have BBQ's and nice picnic tables. Beautiful infrastructure of really nice showers, all tiled with nice hooks and soap dishes, but no shower heads or running water to them at this time. Beautiful place to camp with limited amenities that appear to be slowly being built up over time. Quiet and scenic with gorgeous coastal views, bird watching, including penguins! Great place to stop along Rt. 3 and worth the drive into the coast from the highway. Ranger did not charge us to camp here, no registration was necessary.

Not because of the campsite, but because of the amazing national park, this campsite was one of our favorites. There is a huge penguin colony amongst which you can hike. In addition there are sea lions and cormorants. Admission to the park is free.

From the site there is a view to the sea, has very nice sites with bench/ table combinations and grills. There is a brand new, very nice and clean bathroom. Unfortunately, there was acute water shortage in the park and the water had to be supplied by tankers. Therefore, the (fantastic) showers were not open.

(The second night cost only 90 arg. Pesos)

Amenities: 1 / cost: 4 / quality: 4. Entrance is free but bush camping is no longer allowed in the park. The campground is breathtaking but the fee is heavy for the lack of amenities. The entrance gate says you must register down the road but you can register and pay for camping at the campground. There is a beautiful tea room you‘re free to use and “bloody good” English is spoken. This was easily our favorite spot on RN3.

AR$80 per night.