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Fixer - you can do without, but worth the cost. First time in 20 years (and over 200 crossings, 20 in Africa) we used fixers. On Sudanese side, customs didn't want to talk to us and it was hard to find English speaking people.

Sudan - Mazar +249-122-380-740

Egypt- Jamel +201010899250, 200EP
new number from Kamal


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2 people, 1 car, 1 CDP.

Total process : 5h.

Sudanese side :
Arrived to the border at 11AM. Gate is closed, you need to have someone to open it for you. We used service from Mazar. Very efficient. We spent 2 hours to wait, Mazar do everything for us (custom, immigration...). No one wat to speak with us without a fixer.
We pay 47 000 SP, 30 000 for the car and 5 000 each for immigration, the rest for regional procedure, with receipt.
We give 10 USD to Mazar, but you can give wathever you want.

Egyptian side :

First : you need to put your car under X-ray, and after you need to show everything you have inside your car. Open all of the box, drawers, everything with military people. Very friendly but a little bit pushy...
More longer from 1 PM to 4PM.
We used the service from Mohammed. Be careful it is very expensive : 100 USD. We negociated to 80 USD. But we thinks it's worth because the procedure in Egypt will be very long, complicated and frustrated. You need to take a lot of paper (16 receipt in total) and going to 10 different office for the custom, plate and registration.
Immigration is very easy, 25 USD pp for 30 days, just ask to the office. You will go to the bank to pay your visa, a stamp and that's it.

For the car we need to pay a lot :
-60 EP pp at the police gate to have a ticket. You show this ticket at the left window. They check passeport and CPD and then you pay 510 EP for 2 people and a car.
-1500 EP for stamp the CPD
-1200 EP for the plate/registration. You need to do validated this process by the chief.
-150 EP for the validation of the plate by the police at the gate again...
-60 EP to exit the border
-200 EP for the ferry to Abu simbel. The last one is at 4 PM.

BE CAREFUL : Egyptian custom close at 3 PM. And if your procedure is not done, you can sleep on the parking, but you need to pay 2000 EP. So if you want to cross alone, come very early.

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Last comment is still right. But keep in mind that you have to make a registration within 3 days after having crossed the border (in Wadi Halfa, Dongola or Khartoum). The registration costs 11 000 SDP.

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We arrived by bus, went through the border on our bikes (2 persons) which was way quicker. We paid 105 egp+15 egp. Then went through customs and had to get a stamp in the building in front of the cafe. Where we got the Sudanese stamp, we had to pay 5000 SDP. And got through quite easily.

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Crossed with a bicycle as solo female. Took 2.5h. 105+15EGP for Egypt. 5000SP for Sudan. Needed PCR certificate. Vaccination certificate was enough for Egypt but not Sudan.

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Crossed boarder with bicycle. Egypt to Sudan. Did not have to use fixers one either side.

.Pay E£15 at left window. Show copy of passport.
. Show negative PCR test made within last 72h
. Pay E£105 at right window.
. Go through gate get luggage scanned
. Get passport stamped.
. Exit gate

. Show negative PCR test at gate.
. Go to building on right and pay:
-S£2600 for customs
-S£100 for photo copies
-S£2000 for entrance
.Go to next building on right for luggage check.
. Exit gate
Money can be exchanged at gate while you wait. Current black marcket rate: 1USD = S£300

Met Mazar, very friendly, did not use his services. These are apparently the new rates I confirmed with other travelers and locals. The whole process took about 5 hours.


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Border is closed. Due to coronavirus. Noone knows when it will be open. Buses are not running. I havent been to the border itself but everybody is saying I cannot cross. flights to egypt are also cancelled from Khartoum

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crossed the border from Egypt to Sudan on a Saturday. Kamal, Mohammed and Mazar (and his cousin Hassan) seem to work together, where Kamal seems to be in the lead. They told us you can't cross on Fridays, but on Friday we met someone who did cross the border from Sudan to Egypt...

At the Sudanese border you need a fixer otherwise you won't get trough. Hassan didn't mention a price at beforehand, he was really busy. After a long wait (4 hrs) everything was ok and we were let out. He then tried to RIP us of mentioning a price of $ 100. With the recent stories of iOverlander we knew it should be $ 40. After a long time of haggling we agreed on 3.000 SDG, now equivalent of € 30.

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crossed the border Egypt southbound to Sudan.

1 motorcycle 1 person
entrance fee change and I made a fuss because I thought it was 260egp plus 15egp to enter.
Today the rate changed.
105 epg to enter
360 egp for motorcycles to enter
inside one fee 21egp for customs
100egp folder plus copy's

total fees 601egp

didn't let me enter until fixer Hadji hassan came. I cannot recommend him. go to mazar .
took all stuff and disappeared. took his time. bad English. In the end alot of discussing and 40usd payed. 14usd official fees 26usd for the f-Guy. waited till mazar arrived to settle the issue.
Otherwise the border officials were super friendly and helpful. I would probably have managed well without fixer if they would let you...

arrived with the first ferry. waited till 10.30 till border opened. made a big fuss about being taken advantage of but fees changed officially today so be aware.

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We travelled from Egypt to Sudan, 2 up on a motorbike.

So long as you have enough time and patience it is more than doable without a fixer! Make sure to get the first ferry - we just managed to get the first military ferry which left at 5:40am and was free. There was a long que of lorries leading to closed gates...make sure you go straight to the front to get on! 9am (Egyptian time) office at gate opens. Asked for 360 LE for 2 people & motorbike to enter, in return they gave us three tickets stapled together. Then we paid 15 LE per person for immigration card at different office window at gate. You must show traffic certificate to enter gate (which you get from Aswan Traffic Office). We were allowed to pass through gate at 10am. First pass through bag search in left side of gate (free). Then pass through immigration office little further on left. Give passports and immigration card and wait 20 mins. Receive back with exit stamp. Go back to previous block on left. Get photocopies of documents requested by the traffic police office next door. Payed 100 LE in total for all copies. The photocopy guys are very friendly and helpful. Then take file to customs office. Payed 20 LE for processing. They asked for several more copies of forms requiring a bit of to and frowing. Returned to traffic office with file. Payed 10 LE for processing. They will require your old Egyptian number plates and licence. Finally they’ll pass the file onto the head of police to check and sign off. He provides the final form which is the golden ticket out of Egypt - the gate at the end! total fees: 520 LE. Exited at 12:00.

This appeared impossible without a fixer - Mazar. We contacted Mazar one day prior to send copies of passport, carnet and driving liscence. When we arrived at the gate they immediately knew who we needed but made us wait outside the gate until Mazar called us through. Mazar took our documents and processed everything to do with the motorbike whilst we passed through immigration. Final step was a very relaxed inspection of the bike then Mazar gave us all the required documents at the end. Total fees (including insurance): 700 SD. We paid him 600 SD for his services but it is on a ‘pay as you like’ basis. Exited at 3pm.

All in all if travelling from Egypt to Sudan the Egyptian part is easily done without a fixer if you arrive early enough. Everyone was friendly, although little English was spoken, they would point us onto the next stage. It seemed to us that the Sudanese officials at the gate would not let you pass unless you were involved with ‘one of their guys’ but it is a very cheap and efficient option to take.

Good luck!

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egypt to sudan - entering sudan
we arrived at 4.15 pm I
n front of the gate. too late to make all the process, especially the insurance.
they called Mazar who asked us 80$ for the whole process (border fees + service fee). we refused as we thought it was too expensive.
we had to sleep at the border with friendly truck drivers.
fixers are mandatory, even for Egyptian truck drivers. while waiting at the gate they handle their Carnet to a guy that make all the paperwork for them, then they pay, they go to the immigration and after are free to leave.
the border opens at 9am. they tried to help us by giving our Carnet to the same guy, but he didn't want, told us to work with Mazar. Mazar didn't want to lower his price. a border guy finally called someone else to help us (ahmed).
at 11am we were allowed to drive through the gate inside the Sudanese border. Ahmed did all the paperwork for us.
we had to pay
- 50sp /person
- 300 sp for traffic and car
- 158 sp for customs
- 320 sp for insurance
so about 1000SP for us (5 people and 1 motorhome).
we gave Ahmed 1600SP (=22$) he asked first for 50$).
we changed money inside the border 1LE = 4,5SP. just outside the gate we changed at 4.7
we finally entered sudan at 2.15pm, 25 hours after arriving at the egyptian border...

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from egypt to Sudan, exiting Egypt
we did the Egyptian part without fixer
arrive at 1pm at the border, we finish the paperwork at 4pm
before entering the gate we had to pay
15le/persons to have the stamped form we will then give to the immigration
100le/persons kind of exit fee
160le exit fee for the vehicle
inside they asked money for checking the vehicle (25le) and other thing we didn't understand (200le) but we didn't pay.
it is very very disorganised, they asked for several copies of various documents but handed them back to us at the end of the process (?!). the "copy guy" speaks a few words of English and kind of helped us. he didn't charge anybody for the copies.
so fixer is not mandatory if you have a few hours in front of you ;)

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from Sudan to egypt with the motorcycle. my first fixer in all around Africa and both were really helpful. I think this Border it's really worth to pay for some help. for sure it's expensive but I wouldn't do it without.
exit Sudan was with mazzar.
he did a great job. I didn't had to do anything. 2 hours everything was finish. 500 Sudan pounds for the stamps. then he tolds me I can give him what I want. he didn't had a fix price. I gave him 1000 Sudan pound he was happy.
enter Egypt:
Kamal is the guy from the WhatsApp number. he is not at the Border. he will send Mohamed. friendly guy with good Englisch. if you arrive at the gate they want money to enter. don't pay anything just ask for Mohamed. he will come and Manage everything.
he did a really fast and good job. I didn't had to remove the Box from the motorcycle. just one bag through the Scanner.
After this you can wait in the shadow.
Visa is 25 Dollar. better do it Online but it's possible at the Border.
all stamps, insurance and number plate are 1500 Egypt Pound.
his fee is 50 Dollar.
very high price I know but in 2 hours everything was done and with no Problems. for goodbay he gave me a cold Soda Drink.
next step:
he explain you everything. in aswan you meet Kamal and he give you another paper wich you need for the exit.
Kamal has a new number

Truck drivers at the Ferry port are very friendly. they gave me Tea.
The Ferry is free for Motorbike.
I don't know about cars.

8am in the morning Sudan side, 10 am Egypt side, 12 o'clock you drive off to the Ferry. I took the one at 14pm. 1 hour to Abu simbel.

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My advice: Heading from Egypt to Sudan.
Egypt border gate: Pay 260ep and Jamel 60ep. Jamel works fast and gets you through the process. It's Janel's job, it is why he is there.
Sudan border:
Wait at the gate, make sure the guards know you are a tourist waiting to get through. The guards let you through in batches when the previous batch has cleared though their processing.
Go to the customs building, out the other side, change Egypt pounds for Sudanese pounds on black market. The rates are very competitive, 50 percent above official rate.
Get hold of Mazar. He is Sudanese, his job is to get you through the process, which he does, efficiently. Don't even think about doing this yourself, you can't.
At the end Mazar escorted us (a motorcycle and a truck into Sudan, sat us down, explained the fees which totalled
870 Sudanese pounds (black market rate is 13 US dollars)
Mazar then invited us to pay him what we felt was a fair price. We paid him 500 Sudanese pounds each... black market rate, (8US Dollars). He earned it, and he was happy.

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Egypt border Fixer heading for Sudan
Paid 260LE, plus 50LE for copying.
My advice, use the fixer for a fast, not too painful experience... two hours. To do it yourself, be sure you can speak and read Arabic

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We travelled south from Egypt to Sudan. After reading there posts on iOverlander we decided to do the Egyptian part ourselves and the sudanese with Mazar. We contacted him a day early.

Exiting Egypt
At the border we were immediately approached by a very helpful guy, telling us where to go. This was Mohammed. In the beginning, outside the gates, it is easy and clear where to go. Mohammed said he was send by Mazar and could do everything for us. We politely declined and wanted to do it ourselves. He started scaring us that it would take us hours and we would not be able to go through both customs in 1 day. He called Mazar.
Inside the gates it is chaos. Luckily we did not have to take all our great from the car through the Xrays. Several people helped us to the next office, really great. In 1 office was Mohammed, it seems he is also some kind of official and made us pay 100 EGP for 5 copies of a form. Ripoff, hitting back, I guess.
It took a while, but with help of everybody, we got through.
Be aware: after finishing one office, it is not always clear where to go next. One person will tell you to go here, another person there. Also after some general stamped our papers and said we had finished, we actually needed a few more copies to get out.
Altogether it took us about 2 hours.

Entering Sudan
We contacted Mazar a day early. He has a fixed price, $50. We bargained hard, but he then just doesn't answer.
If you want to use his services, contact early. We also had to send copy of Carnet, car registration, passport, and driving licence, so the process could be started before we were there. We failed to send all, so the process hadn't started yet.
Somehow Mazar was not willing to come to the gate to meet us. After 1,5 hour we asked another guy, who was at the sudanese side of the fence, if he could help us. So he did.
After half an hour another guy took over, everything went very smooth.
When everything was done, suddenly the mood changed. I had to pay him $50, because that's what he discussed with Mazar. At the end this was all going to Mazar again.
The process at the sudanese side took us 2,5 hours.

Altogether we arrived at the Egyptian side side around half past 11 and drove off at the sudanese side around half past 4.

If I had to come from Aswan to Wadi Halfa again, I would try to skip the ferry and take the road over Argeen, just to avoid this scam.

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We crossed from Sudan into Egypt.

Sudanese side: Imigration was easy, we paid 2x113 pounds (with receipt) for the two of us. We then went to the traffic police, where we had to pay 30 pounds without a receipt. We have been told by sudanese people, that we don't have to pay this fee, but arguing did not help. After traffic police we went to customs to get our carnet stamped and this is where everything went bad: After asking the customs official for the stamp he told us to go to the fixer Mazar. We politely told him, that we do not wish to use the service of a fixer. We showed him all the paperwork we have collected so far, and he insisted that we need someone to "prepare" our papers. We then went to Mazar. He told us, that we would have to pay 400 pounds, but would only get a receipt for the official 110 pound customs fee. We politely told him again, that we do not wish to use his services. He looked me in the eyes and said, that we will not be able to leave the border without paying the service fee. We left him and asked all the customs officials, but we kept running in circles and in the end everybody always asked for Mazar.

So finally we paid the 400 pounds. Suddenly the first customs guy, that said that Mazar will get us the stamp, opened a closed office and we got the stamp. I told him that he should be ashamed for running this scam and that this is a disgrace for Sudan, but of course he did not care, because Mazar already has his money and makes sure the border officials get their share.

We spent 2,5 hours exiting Sudan. It would be exactly as easy as exiting any other country on our trip if it would not have been for Mazar and his scam

We arrived at the egyptian Side just before 12:00. Here our experience was completely different. We met a fixer called Mohamed who offered his service to us. We said that we would like to try it on our own first, knowing that the egyptian side would be much more complicated that the sudanese one. He let us do this and replied that we can ask him anytime we need help. He never bothered us again after this discussion.

The border procedure in Egypt is complicated, but all the officials are very friendly and helpful. They speak English well enough so you can definitely do it without a fixer. By 14:30 we had our egyptian license plates and were ready to go. Same time as for exiting Sudan.

After our experience on the sudanese side, I would definitely recommend to look into using the Argheen border post. For us this is not about the amount of money, as 400 sudanese pounds are not that much. It is more about not supporting the system that Mazar and the officials have set up at the border!

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Had an easy but long crossing, because the ferry on egyptian side was cancelled due to the weather.However fixers Mazar (Sudan) and Mohammed (egypt) made it easy.Sudan we paid directly to Mazar 600 SDP(12 USD) unsolicited fee.NO other charges had to be paid !!!
Egypt side, Mohammed approached us and we paid costs directly
1.entry/exit - 360 EP - E 60
3.Carnet - E 500
4.TPL( 2 month )- E 515
5.Lisence/rego - E 150
6.Police veh.plates - E150
7.Mohammed - USD 50.

Total cost to cross both borders for 6 tonne truck/motorhome USD 137.
Highly recommend to use both fixers.

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We arrived without organising any fixers. We tried to contact both a week before arriving. However Jamal doesn’t have whatsapp and Mazars phone was broken at the time.

On the Sudan side we did half the required work and then we met Mazar who was a great help and he prepared us for the paperwork etc on the Egyptian side.

We spent 2 hours on the Sudan side, but that included talking and sharing jokes and food with the guards.

On the Egyptian side we parked the bikes, paid the required amount to bring the bikes in £E560 for both and the £E60 for the health fee. Once that was done we brought our bikes in and took them around to get our things X-rayed. Once your luggage is X-rayed you’ll be given a ticket/small piece of paper by customs (make sure they stamp it otherwise they won’t let you out at the very end)
Then go into the bank and get pay for your visa, they give you a small visa sticker which you take around to immigration. There they will do the usual immigration requirements etc and get your visa stamped etc in for your passport.

Then get your carnet and go into the carnet office, that’ll cost you £E1300 per vehicle to get all the paperwork done.

Once that’s done go to the VIN office where they scratch your VIN number onto a piece of paper and file it. Also your Egyptian license will be written out in the same office.

You then go to the big boss and get your paperwork and number plates on. They also give you a piece of paper to produce alongside with your X-ray paperwork.

The whole process took us roughly 3 - 3 1/2 hours.

All the staff were very friendly and helpful. We also met a guy who helped us with half of our paperwork and gave him £200 for his help

We then were taken out for a late lunch by some off duty guards in Abu Simbel so it was a great intro to Egypt

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Update: Check your Egyptian license - the small white document with stamps on it - before you leave the border. The document is totally in Arabic. It will include your name and your vehicle’s chassis number. We neglected to ask Jamal to read the documents to us. Our chassis number was incorrect and we only found out when we were in Cairo. CFS, our shipping clearing agents in Alexandria, told us about the mistake and said we had to return to Aswan and work with the fixer Kamal to correct it with the Chief of Police. This cost us $100 plus flights to Aswan. (Happily, we didn’t have to drive back)
By the way, this appears to be a scam rather than a mistake. The chassis number the border officials wrote was completely incorrect and we have no idea where they got it.

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This was also our first border in 5 years using fixers. Their fees were low, they were helpful and well worth the cost in our opinion.

Departing Sudan:
Total exit fees were 554 SP - about $18 using black market rate of 30 to 1 plus we paid 500 to Mazar. We contacted Mazar the night before. He said his fee is “whatever you want”. We got through in 1 hour, 15 minutes.

Entering Egypt:
Jamal approached us at the border. He was the only fixer there. He’s a kind person. Not a wheeler dealer kind of guy. He told us to expect to pay 1500 EP ($85) in fees on top of the fees we paid to enter (180 EP for 2 people and a 4x4 plus 60 EP in health fees). Jamal said his fee was 100 EP. We paid him 200 ($11). So our total cost was about 1950 EP or $110

We had a crazy situation where the immigration computer system went down and we had to sleep at the border along with 6 buses of people. (Don’t worry, we were told this has never happened before) On day 2, Jamal came at 7am to continue the process even though he knew customs probably wouldn’t show up until 9:30am. Even an Arabic speaking Sudanese family was using his services to speed things along.

Other things to note:
It is possible to change your leftover Sudanese pounds at one of the two cafes on the Egypt side. (These are comfortable spaces with some air conditioning and clean toilets). The rate is not great, but it’s the only option.

This border did not accept the Egyptian Evisa which we applied for, printed out and paid for online. Immigration claimed they did not have our evisa in their system. We used the correct government website, not a scam site. Jamal said they never accept the Evisa even though they should. Just like they won’t accept Comesa insurance and you must buy additional insurance. It’s quick and easy to get a visa at the border. You pay $25 (USD only) at the bank.

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Fixer - you can do without, but worth the cost. First time in 20 years (and over 200 crossings, 20 in Africa) we used fixers. On Sudanese side, customs didn't want to talk to us and it was hard to find English speaking people.

Sudan - Mazar +249-122-380-740

Egypt- Jamel +201010899250, 200EP

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