Museo Nacional Tumbas Reales De Sipán | Tourist Attraction



Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -6.704930, -79.900220
Altitude: 28.9 masl


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MODERATOR NOTE: No overnight camping allowed, please respect the wishes of the locals.

Big and great museum but no more camping in the parking lot. Don't miss this!


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Sadly I was disappointed. The artifacts on display are truly incredible, but they are poorly lit. There is very little information in English and as you are not allowed to bring your phone inside, Google Translate is out of the question. Loud tour guides were distracting. Still worth the visit though, the artifacts are very impressive, just don't expect the experience to be very enriching if your Spanish is not really good.

10 soles per adult. We spent 2 hours here and were impressed. Note: you will have to leave your belongings, including your cell phone, in a free locker. No pictures allowed. Definitely recommend!

Amazing place just as everyone noted.
10 S per adult, 4 S seniors/ students

Amazing museum! We arrived there without expectations and was surprising. There are the original skeletons and incredible gold jewelry of the tombs of Mochica's lords.

10s the entrance and 2s for the car, worth it.

À princípio não estão mais recebendo motorhome no estacionamento. Mas com muita conversa, abriram uma exceção. Excelente espaço com segurança.

Awesome museum. If you only see one archilogical site make it this one. Unbelievable collection of burial practices laid out beautifully. English descriptions as well.
We couldn't stay nearby so had to camp on the street right outside. Pretty quiet and next to 24/7 security so as safe as you can get around here.

ok, very nice, no photo, no phone, open 17h

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -6.70493, -79.90022

not really a museum kind of guy but this one was nice. 10 soles, plus 2 for parking. they confiscate cameras and other stuff before you get in.
it takes a good hour to see it all. 3 levels and very well done with lightning and setup.

Fantastic museum! I highly recommend that you hire a guide for this one. There wasn't much information explaining the different exhibits so it's well worth the 30soles (per group, in English). And the guide was great! The museum is closed on Mondays; opens at 9am.

Closed on Mondays!
No cameras or mobile phones allowed - checked by metal detector!
Very good exhibition!

Museo muy interessante con un guia. Horarios : 9 am 17pm.

We highly recommend to take a guide. Ours spoke french And he explained like a teacher to our family during 2h30 ! Fantastic. (Name of our guide : Luis)

Very nice museum.
S/10 adult, S/4 student (13y), S/1,50 young student (9y and 6y).
Most of the texts are in english and spanish, but it's more interesting when you know the story of Sipan and about this museum before.

Nice museum, safe parking (only during the day).
Entrance fee: S/10 per person
Parking: S/2

It is not possible to sleep inside anymore! Just can the vehicles with preview approbal (sending an email). We decided to continue the Panam HW and sleep in the desert. The museo is amasing!

no overnight stay allowed.

Big museum but no camping in the parking lot.