Super Mecardo | Shopping



Last Visited: about 3 years ago
GPS: -42.918640, -72.707800
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Groceries: Yes
Outdoor Gear: Unknown
Artisan Goods: Unknown
Bakery: Unknown
Rarity in this Area: Unknown

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Best Super Mecardo in town. Fresh fruits and veggies delivered on Wednesdays


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Latest Check-Ins

Good small supermarket, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Close at 13:30 and open at 15:00.

They get fresh fruits and veggies once a week, currently on Wednesdays. So it's best to go that day because when I went before there was nothing more than a couple of rodden pieces left.

Very good, clean supermarket. The only one we could find good fresh bread and veg.

Be careful paying with card here. We were stolen 50 euros from our account while buying some food. Girl entered 10 times over amount and confirmed herself. There is a better shop called Anita - better choice, good prices.

Sehr guter Lebensmittelladen und nicht zu teuer.

Good to stock up on fruit, veg & eggs, the woman owner was a bit moody with us

Best Super Mecardo in town.

Best Super Mecardo in town.