Puesto de Control de Drogas | Checkpoint



about 1 month ago
1941.0 masl


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Here the police stops all vehicles. They told us that it is forbidden to circulate with a can full of naphtha. They wanted to keep the naphtha and we said that we did not know about that law and at the end of a lot of talk he let us put in the kombi and continue our trip.


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i strolled down slowly.there were 5-6 police-army dudes.gave them a "like" 👍🏼😁without stopping.they didnt seem bothered to check

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Nobody was worry about us. They just let us drive with out ask to stopp.

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Quick stop, just ask to open the doors, had a quick look and after talk 5 min about our trip.

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We were stopped here for road construction from 11:15 to 4pm. Not sure how long will continue. All traffic was allowed through at 4pm, the police did stop some vehicles but they only checked our driver license and took a quick look in the back of the van.

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Aquí la policía para a todos los vehículos. Nos dijeron que es prohibido circular con bidón lleno de nafta. Nos querían retener la nafta y dijemos que no sabíamos de esa ley y al final de mucha charla nos dejó poner en la kombi y seguir viaje.

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