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Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: 10.435150, -75.538717
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: Yes - Fast
Kitchen: Yes
Parking: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Famous stay for overlanders while waiting or shipping the car to/from Colombia. The hotel is basic but offers all services needed.

Ugly parking for the night with water, electricity, shower and toilet (dirty). WiFi. On the night traffic noise from the street. U $ 20./Night including electricity. On the promenade in Cartagena

Price:50k Colombia Peso (Camping, toilet dirty not many facilities). 100k Room with Fan. 110k with AC


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We stayed 2 nights in a 3-bed-room (24€) and after pick up our Motorhome at the port we stayed 3 more nights in the gravel parking lot. Very old and basic institution ...

Kind of an colonial style this hotel. Camping under trees (50k), Room with Fan (100k), with AC (110k). You can cook for yourself. Fill your bottle in the Restaurant. Shady outside area under trees with tables. We expect much less when we arrived.
Secure parking lot with shady trees. Good for our Sprinter (5.7m long 2.8 high). Narrow but was ok to manage.

For RVs it's a good place to be. Very secure inside, with electricity, water, good Wifi and cold showers. Paid 50.000 PC per day for a week stay. 10 minutes walking distance to one of the walled city entries.

We stayed here for almost six weeks, waiting for our camper to arrive. The longer we stayed here, the more we liked it. The owner and staff is very helpful and friendly, and our dog was warmly welcomed without extra charge. If you want to meet interesting people, this is the place to be. Many artists are faithful guests, and the enormous collection of artwork shows how welcoming Enrique, the owner is towards artists.
Yes, some of the finished are sloppy, and the hotel shows its age, but it also show character, and if you have a complaint, it will be taken care of.
The camping facilities however are not attractive, but safe, and as soon as we had our camper, we went on our way.

Great location. Perfectly fine parking lot. A little shade. Electric. If toilet and shower are dirty just say so (mainly due to it being small, a wet room and shoes from outside on the wet floor). Great shaded hotel areas to use. Cool and breezy and friendly staff.

We disagree with many comments. The place is tidy for South American standards, there is no garbage around. The attractively tiled shower with toilet was thoroughly cleaned every 2 days. The staff and especially the owners are accommodating. The food in the restaurant is tasty and cheap. We were completely satisfied and pleasantly surprised. The rooms are also in a reasonable and comfortable condition.

Dirty parking area but near the shipping agent Mr. La Rota.
We paid for the family 140.000 for a tripple with ac.

It's true it ain't pretty but is secure. Paid 55,000COP for two per night with power. Entry gate is before reception. We just backed down the road to drive in. Had a load of laundry done: wash, dry and iron for 39,000COP and very fast.

Rundown place. Price is now 45000 without electricity. Toilet has no ring, shower has no light, kitchen is too dirty to use. The (shadowy) parking lot is littered with engine oil bottles and rieks of dog poop. Dinner in the cafeteria was very cheap at 9000 and tasty. The only reason you would go here: it has a gate and therefore is safe. Don't count on the night guard Alberto though, while we were here he was either sleeping or watching pornos on his phone (loudspeakers on, so you'll be in for a treat!). We left after the first night to find a nice AirBnB with parking and even AC for exactly the same price. I'd encourage you to look for some alternatives.

We didn't find this place as bad as others. Enriquez the Owner was very helpful and spoke English,sea breezes and shady in the parking lot, bit of rubbish around but have had worse.Bathrooms adequate. We were told a price of 40,000 COPS without electricity but they insisted we pay 45,000 when we came to leave. Wifi in the parking and excellent and restaurant OK and cheap. Quiet at night.

Safe place to camp. In a walled area around hotel Bellavista. Gate monitored 24/7. Camped in April, hot as hell. Sandy dirt, very dusty heaps of mozzies and sandflies. Charged us 60,000COP for 2 adults 3 kids plus another 5000COP to plug into electricity. Filled up with water on way out. All facilities - kitchen, toilet shower. Need own crockery for kitchen.

Dunno what's with all the negative reviews, this place might not be the cheapest (50,000 for two with van and power hookup) but it's definitely one of the more comfortable places in the area, constant sea breezes from the beach across the road, loads of trees for shade, fast [Password removed by moderator.], serviceable bathrooms, and excellent affordable meals. You'll struggle to be more comfortable in the city.

A bit pricey but it's the best option for sleeping in our rig and being able to plug in. 55000 for the van with electricity. 5000 per kg for laundry, done in 6 hours for us. Fast wifi. On the beach. Secure. Cheap food. Easy walk to old town. 10k taxi ride to shipping and aduana. Not too shabby for a big city spot.

Nous n'avons pas aimé cet endroit. La cour où l'on dort est sale, les sanitaires sont à l'abandon et comme rien n'est entretenu il y a des essaims de moustiques. la cour et ses murs conservent la grosse chaleur et on ne profite pas de la brise du large. bref, on ne recommande pas!
A deux pas, il y a l'hôtel Ibis qui offre des chambres propres et climatisées à des prix raisonnables. on peut se garer derrière l'hôtel gratuitement et c'est surveillé 24/24 !

Not so bad! It is the parking of the hotel, toilets and shower work, wifi is good. The patio is realy a nice place to sit and relax. Supermarket is just one block away, beach is across the street.

Very nice and convenient place. We stayed here a full week, the first days before shipping to Panama in our camper, then in a hotel room.

If you have any other options > DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE!!! It's just a small and very dirty parking place (garbage every where) and the two showers have all the time no water preasure and one have no lights inside (We tell all that the owners and they don't care!)...well and the bathrooms are definetly not clean as well! And for all that you have to pay 40'000.- per car and 10'000.- extra for electricity! It's really a shame! We try to figure something out with the owners...also about a discount...but again...they don't care...this was just a lousy and expensive place and we were 3 rigs there at the same time, same experience!!! Well ok the wifi is fast:-)))...

Not that bad of a place. Sure the bathrooms are not immaculate but I have seen far worse. 20,000 cop per person. Wifi reaches parking area which is a place.

We paid 50000 COP and they wanted 70000 COP for power. Great fast wifi, well priced restaurant on site. Nice courtyard to seat and eat in. Toilets and showers were fine. Easy walk into Cartagena old town.

Stayed one night, tight fit in the parking lot, also tight turn in through gate off main road. Food in the restaurant was good and reasonably priced. Toilet/shower ok, clean but basic.
Right across from the beach front and close to old town so good spot to explore downtown. About 15 mins drive from the ferry, 6km or so. $20 without electric, $25 with. Rooms were around $40 or so. WIFI was good.

Pro: close to the center, shadow under trees and a little windy. Cons: cold showers are dirty, the courtyard is messy. But all in all seems to be the only option to stay some days and enjoy the wonderful city!

Good hotel with private rooms and camping area in the parking lot. Good wifi and cheap restaurant. Prices COL 110.000/night for a private room with AC; COL 40.000/night for camping; or COL 50.000/night for camping with power.

Parking for big rigs tight but possible, shade, helpful staff, decent restaurant, good wifi, mediocre showers and bathroom, beach nearby (not very nice though)

Good place to prepare your car before shipping. You are sleeping in the parqueadero. So this is not sexy but there is a patio with a lot of shadow. Very fast internet. Clean toilet with shower. We paid 40.000 COP per night. Electricity is an extra 20.000 COP per night. Laundry service: 5.500 COP/kg. Menu from the restaurant is very good and not expensive: 10.000 COP for soup+main dish+drink. The owner has French roots and is a relax man. Our kids also liked the beach in front of the hotel.

Ugly staying for the night with water, electricity, shower and toilet (dirty). WiFi. On the night traffic noise from the street. U $ 20./Night including electricity.

On the promenade in Cartagena

Famous stay for overlanders while waiting or shipping the car to/from Colombia. The hotel is basic but offers all services needed.

Price:40000 Colombia Peso

In the backyard of the hotel's Bellavista parking lot. A little trashy. Cold showers, toilets very simple. OK for the night after shipping, otherwise too expensive for what you get. Inexpensive food at the restaurant.

(40,000 COP / day with electricity)