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Well equipped motorcycle workshop, led by American Toby and great mechanic Jaime. They have spare parts and oil and can help to find other spare parts when needed.


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We’ve been really lucky to ended up at Around The Block Motorcycle Adventures, and to get in touch with Toby Shannon. Since from the very first contact everything felt entirely professional and competent. All advices and recommendations turned out to fit to our demands. For our first motorcycle adventure, we decided us for the budget version to start with, a chinese V8-200cc Wanxin, because we took first hands on how to ride a bike in South America. So the bike was an bespoken one, and Tobys Team modified it with everything (better shocks ready for two-up, pegs, engine up to 250cc, racks...etc.) to make sure it would last until the end of our trip. When we showed up in Peru, everything was well prepared and almost good to go except some details to adjust it on site. Even the Paperwork (our main concerns) went so smooth, well prepared, and easy as, just great to have been through in one rush.
Need to mention, the top notch mechanic Jaimie, who went through at least 3 hour briefing with us, about a basic crash course in motorbikes and how we’re not going to die on the road. But you only really know about the service and bike you purchased afterwards. Well, after 6 months of travelling and returning back to Peru, we must admit - it’s so recommended to stay with Toby and the Team of ATBMA, you are in best hands.

Thank you guys for that epic motorcycle experience! All the best and merry Christmas!

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I literally spent the entire day with Jaime, mechanic, as he worked magic on the bike I purchase from ATBMA. I desperately needed the bike lowered. He/the shop fabricated/welded lowering links on the spot. Afterwards, while riding the bike 2-up to the notary, the suspension bottom’d out easily (I won’t have nearly that much weight for my trip, so wasn’t fussed). However, he removed the suspension, and made a new piece (which involved grinding thread into a metal ring) in order to stiffen the shock. Then he drove me all around town in search of a new gasket, which no one had, and eventually found someone to fabricate one based on a template (after dark! And in the rain!)...and he worked on my bike well past 9pm using a spotlight. He also let me follow him around like a puppy dog the entire day in order to watch/learn/soak up any knowledge I could possibly get from him. I will be completely unable to thank him enough for his kindness, generosity, help, friendship, etc etc etc.

Long story short: highly recommended.

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Following the advice of two friends who passed by this shop on their motorcycle journey; we purchased two new Ronco X-Terra 250cc motorbikes from Toby.

They were delivered in an excellent conditions and after a serious testride, adjustments were made to fit out requirements.
Jaime took time out to give us a maintenance course.

Everybody in the shop was very friendly and professional and we highly recommend this place to everybody passing by.

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Great shop. Jaime and his crew are very friendly and helpful. Let me do basic maintenance (oil change, clean air filter, etc) in the shop. Jaime sent someone to get the motor oil and front brake pads I needed. If you need a part he has it or can locate it for you.

I also hired Jaime to repack my muffler, which was long overdue. Did a great job. Great shop.

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I cannot recommend this place....enough. Jaime is without a doubt the best mechanic I encountered on my four year RTW. It's also one of the very few recommended big bike mechanics that don't charge ridiculous prices... on the contrary, 6usd/h is plain cheap for a specialist. Toby, the American owner, follows with good prices on parts. I absolutely recommend. Don't expect miracles about parts though, it's still South America so parts are impossible to get unless you have a lot of time to wait for them.
Thanks Toby and Jaime for getting us back on the road.

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We bought three prepped Chinese motorcycles from Toby and the crew. The team was great, and very attentive. Toby and his wonderful wife Sara also run a B&B a 30 second walk away -- see the entry for "B&B Around the Block". We stayed with them for three days, and they treated us like family the whole time. Fantastic people!

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Had several things done here to my XR250. Cost was very reasonable and Jamie is an outstanding mechanic. Toby sourced out a lightly used tire and gave me a great price on it. If you want to get racks made up and prep s bike for overlanding, this is the place. Highly recommended.

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Well equipped motorcycle workshop, led by American Toby and great mechanic Jaime. They have spare parts and oil and can help to find other spare parts when needed.

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