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Mexico-Belize, Chetumal Border: Border is well signposted from Chetumal (make sure you take the road signposted Libramiento).

Exit Mexico: First got the Mexican exit stamp from the tiny little hut (no charge - just show the temporary permit and receipts from Banjercito you got when entering Mexico) then was directed by the guards and parked next to the Mexican aduana gave the temporary import paper back (not needed for vehicles entered as RVs/motorhomes unless you want to cancel the permit).

Enter Belize: Then it's a 2 minute ride where you get flagged down to have your vehicle fumigated for around US$5/MXN$100 (depending on the type of the vehicle) and they give you a receipt (CASH ONLY, they accept USD, MXN or BZD).

Then another 2 minutes to the main immigration building to fill a short form and get stamped in, cost nothing. Aduana is in same building.

If you have a car/motorbike, you'll have to show your vehicle papers + passport of driver. Also say why you are in Belize and where you are staying - do not say transit as they'll only give you 3 days.

Then they'll check the inside of the vehicle - no fruits, vegetables, meat or eggs allowed.

Finally you'll have to pay the road tax which is MANDATORY (guys in green shirts) - there are plenty of signs when crossing and even included in the leaflet they give you at the fumigation. Cost is BZD30 (less for motorbikes, more for trucks) - CASH ONLY! Again, they accept USD and MXN.

Next drove down the road another 2 mins to the Insurance Company of Belize building. The insurance for a car is BZD10 per day, BZD20 for 3 days.

Plenty of accommodation, fuel and ATM's just after the border in the lovely beachside town of Corozal.


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1. Vehicle checkout on the Mexican side is past the white immigration kiosk on the one and only road between countries. The attendant inside snapped a picture of my car and canceled my TIP hassle free.
2. Went back to the kiosk to stamp out my passport. Guy asked for my payment receipt for the FMM, lucky I had that printed out so no problems there.
3. Drove ahead about 1.5km, over the bridge, onto the Belize side. First stop is the fumigation tent with a couple of wooden shacks by it. First building was to buy health insurance, which we'd already done online. Second was to check vaccination status. They accept I think 6 or 7 different makers, I didn't get a look at all of them but we were fine with Moderna and A-Z. They give you a paper with vax verification. Third building for fumigation. US$5 for regular sedan. Then back on the road.
3. Third stop is immigration and customs. Had to get to the immigration desk to get a form to then fill out to go back to the immigration desk. Otherwise fairly hassle free. They did take my vax confirmation but did not check my travel insurance.
4. In the same building, ahead is dept of motor vehicles. Did my registration here, where they give you an import paper and stamp in passport just for your car.
5. Through a connecting hallway, to the other side of the building, is where you pay the motor vehicle fee. US$30 I believe.
6. Onward past an immigration kiosk to check your papers, then vehicle inspection where they took a cursory look in my trunk and then waved me on.
7. On the right side is a big white building to buy insurance. US$23 for 2 weeks or US$30 for a month for my sedan. Wasn't planning on staying more than 2 weeks but figured why not stay on the safe side for $7 more. The guy here was super speedy and efficient. Takes pesos, USD, BZD, credit card.

Whole process took about 2 hours overall and went smoothly. Verbally checked where we would be staying in Corozal, but didn't need to show any confirmations.

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Belize now no longer requires a covid test if you can show proof of vaccination.

they now also ask you to buy $18 USD covid insurance.

all else is as previously described

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smooth border crossing.

Mexican side checked our camper for 5 minutes and asked for car papers, Belize side didn't even enter when we told them we threw away our fruits (which we did).

1. Went to Banjercito for our Visa fee receipt (if you still have this don't need to do this, if you don't they'll ask you to pay again)
2. Check out at immigrations (show passport + Visa receipt)
3. Go Banjercito and cancel TIP + get money back
4. Drive to Belize, stop at fumigation station (they didn't spray), ask for receipt. Also fill in health form and immigration form. This is also were you have to show your golden standard reservation (for 3 nights).
5. drive to COVID test place and show health form + pay for test.
6. get the stamp you are negative and go to immigration. get passport stamp.
7. Go to next cashier to get TIP for vehicle. They write it into your passport.

Very friendly Belize border officers. even recommend us where to eat good tacos in Belize. Fumigation is useless since they don't spray and don't check, but hey you can enter Belize!

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Leaving Mexico, we had to give up our remaining 140 days on our immigration form. The officer asked us if we had 3 nights reservation for hotels in Belize (which we didn't: we're campers in a roof tent). He then suggested we ask immigration in Belize if they would let us in, BEFORE he stamped us out, because he could not give us more than 30 days if we were refused. Very thoughtful.

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Crossed the Border to Belize with European MAN Truck 8.5m, you can pay everything with Creditcard, except Fumigation.
We had about 3 hours for the whole process, almost alone at the border.
List of Costs:

Leaving Mexico -> Nothing

Fumigation B$ 130 (Cash)
Antigen-Test B$ 100 p.P. (CC)
Roadtax 1 Month B$ 60 (CC)
Insurance 1 Month B$ 69 (CC)

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When exiting Mexico into Belize with your vehicle, these are the precise steps (Mexico side only):

1: Drove through the Mexico Aduana. Here they do a somewhat thorough check of your vehicle with dogs. Asked about drugs, alcohol, and CBD. Had to show my vehicle title. They also asked us for our Mexico auto insurance and will check that it’s valid. This checkpoint is much more thorough than anything we had come across elsewhere in Mexico. Strange.

2: Drive through the little kiosk and stop to hand your passport through the window. They will stamp you out and take your FMM.

3: Drive to the next building and park your car. Go inside and return your TIP at the Banjercito.

Drive onwards to Belize!

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We made it into Belize with our van & our cay, but it took about 3 hours and they did not accept my Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

Right now (check yourself, it changes weekly) it is possible to enter with you own vehicle as long as you book at least 3 nights at a gold standard accomodation (Casa Rickys Is one for example). The Mexican side doesn't know about it yet and threatened to only give us 7 days if we come back because we couldn't enter Belize. Until Monday, 9th of August 2021 it is possible to enter without a Covid test, if your vaccinated. HOWEVER: At least for us they only accepted 2 dosis vaccinations (no Johnson & Johnson, so I was forced to take a 100BZ$ / 50USD Covid test at the border...

From Monday on, everyone needs to take a test at the border (tests from Mexico are NOT accepted), so it won't matter if your vaccinated or not.

Except for the chaos regarding covid tests, everyone was friendly, but it still took 3 hours to get the papers for our car, do the customs check (was very little, he only checked our fridge for vegetables) and get the documents for our cat (you need to get permission in advance and bring a health certificate).

The fumigation station seems to be under construction and nobody asked for it, but we paid for it anyway (without being fumigated), but the 100 pesos more were peanuts compared to the forced test.

Important: Most stations at the border will not accept pesos, only BZD or USD and the card machine only worked at the car permit station. The Belizean insurance accepted pesos though.

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Just drove to the Mexico-Belize border to check about current situation (March 2021): border of Belize is still closed and no information when it will reopen.

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Bad day or complicated border, we don‘t know. But travelling over 1 year that was the worst border so far. First they only wanted to give us the free visum for 7 days. So we had to pay the MXN 575 per person for the 180 days visum.

1. Park car before first building and get the form that you have to fill out.

2. Drive to the second building (imigration). You will get stopped and they will control your car if you have fresh meat, eggs, veggies or rice/beans.

3. Go to the cashier (Banjercito) and pay for the visas. You get a paper which you have to show at imigration. We could start the process for the vehicul at the same time.

4. Go to the imigration (Tourist and Local Visitors) and get your visa. Keep the tiny paper as you have to show it when leaving Mexico.

5. Go back to Banjercito and the will take pictures of your car. When it is declared as Motorhome you don‘t have to pay a deposit other wise you pay up to USD 400, depending on age of the car. You get the deposit back when leaving Mexico. Not to forget that you pay additional USD 59 importation fee.

We had a hard time with the Aduana, because our car paper say it is a Minivan and we converted it our self. If you can‘t show papers which say that you converted it with a professional company they won‘t declare it as a Motorhome. So the car can only be in the countey as long as your visum (180 days) and not the 10 years as a motorhome get.

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Leaving Mexico by bicycle, after flying in to Cancun with our bicycles. We had not paid our 575 peso tourist tax yet, so the guy in this booth had us pay it to him in cash. No receipt given, and we didn't ask. He exit-stamped our passports and kept the little papers we had been issued on entry.

Two months later, we entered Mexico again, and they saw in their computer system that our entry at Cancun had been recorded, but not our exit. And the exit stamps in our passports were too vague to read. So I suspect that the guy at this office pocketed our 575 x2 pesos and didn't enter our exit into the system. Not a problem for us if we weren't coming back to Mexico, but we did enter Mexico again and had some complications due to this POS who took our money. He should have sent us back to the last town to pay the tourist tax at a bank. Now we will have to pay the tourist tax a 2nd time and also a fine for losing the little slips of paper.

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Crossing into Mexico:
Somehow we catch a bad day - they differ want to give us the visa, just the free 7 day. They said it will not be a problem to stay longer, you just need to pay the visa when you exit the country BUT you just get as many days for your TIP as you get for yourself - after a lot of arguing (!!) and standing my point they eventually agreed on issuing 180 days for me, and consequently also for the TIP - its so far our 15. Boarder coming all the way from Ushuia and was the only boarder we had problems with our Swiss Platet Car in our Name.
Other travelers by bike just got 7 days, also after arguing - what’s the point in not willing to issue a visa? Worst ever boarder!!

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 18.50409, -88.39044

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Crossed from Mexico to Belize. Everything went quickly and smoothly. The process and cost breakdown was as described by others.

One thing I want to point out is for everyone, like me, who temporarily flew out of Mexico. I was asked for a receipt of payment of MXN$558 for the visa. The original receipt from the land crossing wouldn't do – the official asked specifically for a confirmation of payment upon reentering Mexico. I did what dongyuan_04 suggested before – showed a receipt of payment for my flight tickets with breakdown. Even though it only mentioned "airport departure tax" it was enough to satisfy the official. No need to print anything out – I showed it on my phone and was waved through.

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Entering Mexico, additional notes:
You have to pay the tourist tax first, then do immigration, then pay the temporary import taxes (51US$) and the deposit for your vehicle (up to 400US$). Credit Cards accepted.

The queue is always literally 100 people at the immigration, as they only have one counter! So expect to wait one hour and bring water, it’s hot in the building.

The insurance is also right there, but it’s expensive! 91US$ for a car/month, 97US$ for my motorcycle/month!! for more than one month take a one year insurance, its cheaper! (136US$)

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As described. See individual post for each crossing for more detailed information.

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note: this location is just an group entry of how to cross the border. there is nothing to do at these exact coordinates.
there are basically four steps for the Mexico to Belize border crossing:
1. exit Mexico stamp in passport and banjercito money returned.
2. fumigation
3. Belize stamp and customs
4. Belize insurance

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The Banjercito office "across the street" can print your receipt if you lost it, so you should never have to pay those 500 pesos!

In November 2018, I paid 110 pesos for the fumigation and 300 pesos for the vehicule. They barely looked inside the car. The biggest issue was that I didn't have an exact address for where I would stay, only gps coordinates, the best I could come up was a street and after some arguing, they let it slip.

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Additional information if you fly to Mexico and drive to exit:
Immigration will ask for “departure fee” which is actually the “Mexico tourism tax” that most airlines would include in the flight tickets. Check with your airline first. Print out the receipt.
We found on the internet that some people pass with no problem when they have the printed flight tickets with price breakdowns. But that’s not our case.
The immigration refused to stamp our passports if we don’t pay 533 pesos and get another receipt. And they also refused to show the government policy stating what fee we are paying for.
With a long negotiation they just asked us to try another day or try another immigration office...
We went to the other immigration booth in the small town nearby, which is not a drive-through. And got exactly the same answer. But the two ladies at the bank are really nice and very smart, who suggested us to bring our flight tickets to go to another immigration building with the “boss”.
The “boss” said okay. And finally we passed the Mexico immigration with stamps after 3 hours.

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Leaving Mexico is 500 pesos or 30USD per person.

We paid 100 pesos or USD for the car fumigation.

Vehicle paperwork was 350 pesos.

Insurance was 290 pesos for 7 days.

Was easy - border guards are very relaxed and easy going.

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Also, re food entering Belize: they checked our fridge and cupboards thoroughly.
They found some ham in our fridge and told us we either had to get rid of it or eat it right there (which we did lol).
Also they took 2 bags of rice from our cupboard saying it wasn't allowed (?) though we didn't see any signs about that (only fruits, vegetables and eggs).
Consider it a toll booth were you may have to leave some of your food behind...

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UPDATE: Roadtax (30BZN) does NOT take credit card.
We spent all of our MXN pesos before crossing (so as not to get ripped off with exchange rates) and planned to get money right after the crossing.
When we got to the border they said they do not take credit card payments, when we told them we were not carrying any cash they let us try the machine in one of the offices - but it did not have a signal :(
Only bank in free zone does NOT take international cards (tried with 5 different ones!)
We were sort of stuck but luckily we tried at the local casino: manager is Argentinian like us and super nice so he let us get money paying with our card!
Long story short: don't be as silly as we were and always carry some cash with you! :)

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friendly immigration woman gave us TIP fof 10 days for belize. They will ask you where you going to stay. I replied orange walk river retreat

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Border crossing as described before.

Some additional information for traveling with pets:
We tried to apply at the BAHA for crossing the border with our dog. After two emails to the official email-address which you find at the BAHA website:
we didn’t receive an answer. After 7-8 working days we decided to cross the border without the permit. It was no problem for the guy from the BAHA at the border. He felt sorry therefore that we had no answer and that he have to charge the „penalty“. Important for him is a certificate from the vet about the valid rabies-vaccination (our dog has a vaccine which is valid for 3 years and we aren’t in the requested timeframe between 30 days and 1 year, but that was ok because the vaccine is still valid). We had to pay 10 B$ for the examination and 100 B$ import-fee. (If you receive a confirmation from the BAHA the costs would be 10 B$ for the examination and 50 B$ import-fee and 25 B$ fee for sending the fax from the authorities to the border) - so we spent in total 25 B$ more because of the „penalty“...
The guy at the border told us the correct email-address for the application... but we don’t know if they will answer ;) [email protected]

You’ll find the BAHA office between the immigration and the aduana on the left side in the same building.

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As described below. Very easy process and friendly people.

- Fumigation: 10BZD/ 100MEX/ 5USD
takes NO Credit Card and no ATM's around.
- Roadtax: 30BZD, also takes Credit Card
- Insurance: 46BZD for two weeks, also takes Credit Card

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Belize to México: Friendly staff on the Belizean side, willing to help. We paid 40BZD per person as an exit fee (bring cash, BZD or USD, they don't accept credit cards or Mexican Pesos) at inmigration. Then we went to Aduana to get our TIP cancelled (they stamped our passport).
Drove to Mexican side. First, stop to a small building on the right to pick up an inmigration entry form. Fill it then head to bigger building further. Go to the Banjercito window, pay the entrance fee (500 pesos per person) and head to the inmigration window.
Next, head to Aduana for the TIP. They did not accept our truck camper as a vehículo vivienda/motorhome (10 yrs permit) because our panamanian title says that's it is a pick up. We had to pay a $USD300 deposit + a 59 fee for the paperwork. The $300 will be reimbursed once you exit the country.

We didn't get insurance for the car but will probably get it later on as it is mandatory in most Mexican states (not in Quintana Roo but the lady told us that they are starting to ask for it).

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Exiting Mexico was very easy. as previously stated get passport stamped, then in building opposite go to banjercito desk. they came out checked car, removed sticker from windshield and issued us with receipt. Apparently refund will be next day.
Drive to Belize, 1st stop is fumigation. 10BzD or 100 pesos. make sure get receipt. on to immigration, park and go in building on left. complete form and clear passport control. go to desk behind it to import vehicle. they checked our car only briefly. *we were told we had to pay an entry fee of $30Bzd which we did. they called it roadtax. we got a receipt. could pay in US or Bzd. Drive to insurance office which is very simple. Done. Took 1 hour.

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We did everything in one hour
1 - stamp passport on Mexico border
2 - have your money back
3 - fumigate the car, very nice guys by the way
4 - leave your car and go inside the building, stamp passport
5 - bring the dog to Baha (we had paper from Mexican vet+printed baha form that have already did everything for email - ask us if you need more info @worldyouneedislove
6 - car paper work, just one go pick up the car, the one who ones the car
7 - they will look inside the van, ours was a bit dirty so they didn't come in, ahahhahaha!
8 - insurance
9 - welcome to the Caribe

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Crossing with pets- you are “supposed” to get a vet certificate and apply online. Then wait. However, our timing was such that we spent 6 days waiting at XelHa in Calderitas (nice enough) and the costs therein. It would have been cheaper to just approach the border with the dog papers (Vet cert, vaccination record) and pay the “penalty” as we picked up the permit. Research your options on and make your own decision. Unless you time it just right (online permit issued in 7 days and only valid for 14) you may be spending money to hang around Bacalar, Chetumal, etc like we did.
I updated WikiOverland with this info. Please do the same if you learn something new.

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We have had lots of trouble to register our car as a motorhome (10 year TIP). After a big bureaucratic process this was the solution:
1: ask at the Banjercito
2: if they refuse go to the next building
3: ask for senor Lopez
4: he will give you this number: 01 (55) 6272 2728
5: call that number. Use option 7 and then 6. They will ask you to write a email: [email protected]
6: wait a day (or 2), then call the number again. They will ask you to go back to the border.
7: at the border ask for: C. Eduardo Gutiérrez personal de la Aduana de Subteniente López
8: he can do a inspection and give a permission.
9: go to the Banjercito with the permit.
10: happy travels and welcome to Mexico.

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If you're leaving Mexico, you have to take the librammiento. You arrive at Mexico border (18.503458,-88.388984).
We made the mistake to go directly into town which is only a border for pedestrians.

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Easy and friendly crossing. The "fumigation" wasn't at all what I'd expected. It was just a small spray on the car and nothing to be concerned about; took less than 2minutes. Straight forward and a worker helped direct us as to where to go. White building afterwards is for insurance. Can pay with pesos US or BZ.

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new "administrative fee" with signs posted at the immigration office. $30belize - after reading on here and online we questioned the fee at immigration, vehicle import, and insurance offices and all verified its validity. apparently the immigration fees are valid and are to help repay the new facilities there.

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Exiting Mexico they asked 500 pesos per person some exit fee. Argued a little bit with the guy and tried to explain that all that was already included in our flight ticket when we went to Havana for 4 days and returned to Cancun after that. He wanted to see the full flight booking on paper. Pdf document on phone was not good enough. Printed him out just the return ticket from Havana-Cancun and he did not say anything and stamped our passports without even looking my printed tickets.
Banjerico was 10 minutes and easy.
Belize border they asked where are we going and stamped the car to my passport. One official came to look inside where is the bicycles are. Nobody cared about fruit or any other things.

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When enter to Mexico, keep te bank receipts for the Tourist Cards (25$ each) to avoid paying again when leaving Mexico. This is a big scam... when leaving they call that exit fee.

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Belize to Mexico:
Exit fee Belize is BZD 40 (30 + two additional fees) if you stayed more than one or three (can't remember) days. Belizean border personnel was rude, same as upon entry.

Entry Mexico: Got granted 180 days of stay in MX. Vehicle may remain in MX or come back for up to 10 years.
Vehicle processing is handled by Banjercito bank (was open Saturday). They hand you your document and a sticker for the windscreen. If you have a standard car you need to make a deposit of at least USD 200 depending on the car's age (can do it via credit card). Upon exit and presenting your vehicle at exit customs your deposit will be retransferred to your credit card or handed out to you in cash. If your vehicle qualifies as "casa rodante", there is no deposit. Vehicle processing fee is USD 59. Passport processing fee is MXP 390. All fees can be paid with credit card. No ATM at the border (Mexican side), but money changers on Belizean side.
Once your vehicle finally leaves MX you need to present it to exit customs. If you fail to do so (for example you thought you'd return, in which case you could use the same document and windscreen sticker during a period of up to ten years, but then you change your mind and don't return) you will be rejected from entering MX in the future. You cannot exit your vehicle just by presenting the document and the sticker, you need to present the vehicle. Long story short, if you're unsure about returning, exit the vehicle and stamp out with customs.

Fumigation (Mexico) cost MXP 87.

Nobody in Mexico (even Chetumal) will accept BZD. Change at the border or with exchange booths in Chetumal (for example in the mall where Chedraui supermarket is).

Insurance MX:
There is no insurance available at the border. Neither in Chetumal when arriving on weekends. Third party liability (Responsabilidad Civil contra Terceros) is mandatory in some Mexican states (Yucatan, for example) but not in Quintana Roo, Campeche, Chiapas or Tabasco. Minimum legally required cover varies from state to state. I ended up buying one online through For 180 days liability only (but with maximum available cover of 500.000 USD) cost me 150 USD for my 1984 VW van. This seems to be about as cheap as it gets.
If you’re heading north to the US and Canada, bear in mind that certain vehicles cannot be insured in those countries, that you cannot but insurance at the respective border (unless your vehicle is registered in MX or CDN maybe), and that you will be rejected when without insurance at the border. Gotta figure it out while in MX.

To those entering Belize:
Vehicle processing fee is BZD 30 (USD 15), which is perfectly legal and no scam. FYI about insurance: 30 days for my VW van cost me BZD 50 (USD 25). You can pay everything everywhere in Belize all the time in USD.

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Because we had been in Mexico for a full 6mos. the Belize border people grilled us as to why and how long we were planning to be in Belize. They wanted hotel reservations etc. to show that we were not going to return immediately to Mexico for another 6mos. They can and will refuse entry if they so desire. As we were warned by the Mexican border person. We were finally given full 30 day visas but it took 3 hours and others took 30 min.

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The border is closed for trucks at the weekend! No arguing that we have a camper on a heavy duty chassis. Have to go back Monday at 9 am.

We also paid 15 USD to Mr. Green Shirt but got a receipt. He said if we can't show that at any border control while emigrating we would have to pay again. We are not quite sure if it's a blunt rip-off.

The guy at the insurance office asked first for more than 50 USD, then for more than 30 and finally for 29. All the while he was flipping of pages and tried to find the amount we ought to pay. We asked if there is another office in Corozal and there is. In front of the police at the main plaza. We parked our truck at the water and walked up there. The guy in charge fed all the details straight in the computer and we ended up paying 23 USD for 2 weeks.
So if unhappy at the border office drive into town!

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Going to Belize: If there's the green guy who wants 15 USD as a car entry Fee, negotiation is useless. We asked everybody at the border (incl. The Border Chief Officer) and they all told us that we had to pay it or we were not allowed to enter Belize. they told us the Fee exists for a year now.

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Mexico to Belize: Paid $5 us or 90 pesos for fumigation for the van, $30 us for the dog, $30 us insurance for a month ($23 us for 2 weeks) for a minivan, and couldn't get rid of that guy who wanted 15 US dollars to cross!!!! We even drove away and came back but he was still there! Scam!! Sadly couldn't get around it. But all the other immigration workers were nice and helpful

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couldnt get rid of the green shirt guy. Asked all officials and custum guard at entry, that we do not pay. We wanted to see the badge of the green guy, but he goz aggressive and told us to go back mexico. nobody could tell us what the 15 USD are for.

we ignored him and went without paying to the toll booth. they did not let us enter without paying.

so we paid for it bit asked the insurance guy. he told us its more ore less a scam. mexicans for instance dont pay, use that as argument discussing woth the green guy.

it was a weird vibe and i was surprised the officials at the boarder were under the same hood. however, i could tell from their argumentation, that this was noz an official fee.

good luck;)

no fumigation today

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Very easy crossing into Belize from Mexico ... Mum & Dan plus 2 kids ... No exit tourists card payments made or asked for my Mexico .. We did not cancel out vehicle permit as we have 10 year one on our camper van .. Belize easy & fast .. No charge for visa , no charge for vehicle import permit.. Warning Do not pay the guy right on the border says you need to pay bring you car in , he asked us $35 & had a made up receipt book .. Customs agent said its a con ... We Did Not Pay ... Move on to insurance building & get insurance

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Mexico gave us problems exiting by saying we had to pay for the FMM tourist card (which we had already done to receive the card and the stamp). But we didn't have the receipt... Thankfully the Banjercito around the corner had a record of our payment that they printed out--though the guard STILL gave us problems and even called his boss over. The "exit fee" scam is alive and well. After arguing with them for awhile they finally gave us the stamp and let us go on our way.

The process for Belize was straight forward though a bit time consuming. We missed the fumigation initially, but parked and entered the building for the passport stamp. The customs officials wanted us bring all the belongings in (which is ridiculous). We left to get the truck fumigated when we were approached by a guy saying we needed to pay $15 for the truck entry, he had paper receipts and an official looking shirt... Seemed like a scam to me, I told him we were leaving to get it fumigated, and we'd pay later inside, if it was real (never saw him again). We got the vehicle fumigated at the previous round about--they told us to continue into the cargo area, which is NOT where you should go if you are transiting through as a tourist. We went back to the initial customs building with a receipt from the fumigation ($5 USD) and this time brought in a few backpacks to the customs lady (we weren't going to bring everything in). She did the paperwork for the vehicle import, we got 1 month, she said not to lose the paper for when we exit. Then we drove through the crossing and they looked in the back of the truck and sent us on our way. We stopped at the insurance building to purchase the mandatory insurance (14 days for $23 USD) and they gave us a sticker for the windshield. We were on our way.

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Mexico Immigration: Tiny building with gate. They will ask for your passports, tourist visas and receipt for your tourist visa. We had a copy of our receipts from Banjercito so no issues. Make sure to get your exit stamp.

Banjercito: Drive through the gate and into oncoming traffic into large white building parking lot. Go inside and ask to cancel your TIP. They will come outside take a picture of the car’s VIN, ask for your TIP sticker, and then process everything in the computer. Should take a few business days to see the refund on your credit card unless you paid cash, in which case they will give you cash on the spot.

Fumigation: Drive into “no-man’s land,” look for tiny white shack on the right. There was a sign that said something about Importing Cargo, that’s where you want to go. 5USD/10BZD. Make sure you get a receipt.

Belize Immigration: Park in parking lot next to big white building. The first desk you come to is Immigration. Grumpy man will ask you why you are in Belize and then stamp your passports. We heard there is a 30 day maximum visa. No Charge.

BAHA: Take your dog into the BAHA office, the officer will probably come to you when he sees you with a dog anyway, but it is right before the Customs Desk on the left. They will ask for all your documents and where the Import Permit is. We knew our Import Permit wasn’t going to be ready but didn’t want to hang out for another week in Chetumal so we acted like we were expecting it to be there. The BAHA Officer was so helpful but we ended up waiting almost 2 and a half hours for the Permit as BAHA was faxing it to the wrong border. Awesome. Once you have the Permit, they will inspect your dog for cuts and bugs and then exchange the Import Permit for a Landing Permit. Fax from BAHA 5BZD, Pet Permit 50BZD, Inspection of Dog 10BZD

Belize Customs: Second desk right after Immigration. Customs agent will stamp your truck into the driver’s passport. He asked us if we had any chicken. No charge.

Inspection Gate: Official poked her head into the back of our truck, asked what was in some boxes and looked at our portable toilet. She climbed into the camper and immediately looked under the benches where we had hidden our fruit, veggies and parmesan cheese. She didn’t care. No charge.

Insurance: At the T in the road as you drive away from Inspection, there is a large white Belize Insurance building. They asked only for the title. 2 weeks of insurance for 23 USD

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This border crossing is very straight forward. If you have crossed into Mexico via the Tijuana border (or any other border crossing into Baja California Mexico) and do not have proof of purchasing a temporary import permit for your vehicle, you will be required to pay the temporary import fee at that time. Fumigation of your vehicle is required to enter into Belize. It costs us less than $3, and in fact we paid for the fee and were waived directly through the process. Exit paperwork is taken care of on the Mexican side. Entry paperwork is covered after the fumigation. Belize is an English speaking country which will prove easier for those having a hard time with Spanish speaking countries.

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From my crossing in late 2009. Full story on my blog at A Few More Miles
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the border after hearing so many Central American border crossing horror stories, but the cross was quite simple and were in and out in about an hour.
First, we went to the Mexican migration shack to cancel our tourist visas and then about 50 meters later to cancel our temporary vehicle import permits. Then as we crossed the bridge where we stopped traffic to take a photo. (Oh god, I hope my kickstand doesn’t fall through the grates…)

After the bridge we were flagged down by a few guys in a shack to have our bikes “fumigated” or sprayed with water for about 2.5 seconds for $3USD. OK????

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This post is from  Life Remotely. To read their full experience and see photos, see the detailed article here at

Border name: Santa Elena or simply Chetumal
Between cities: Subteniente López (Chetumal), Mexico and Santa Elena (Corozal), Belize
Cost for visas: $0
Cost for vehicle: $5 USD for fumigation, $23 USD for 2 weeks insurance
Total time: 45 minutes

The steps: Go to the Mexican immigration booth, hand in your tourist cards and have your passport stamped.Go to the Mexican Banjercito and have your Vehicle Import Permit cancelled and your vehicle deposit ($200-400) refunded.Drive over the bridge.Stop at the fumigation area to have your car sprayed.Park in the marked lot outside the immigration building.Go to the immigration counter and have your passports stamped or visas issued.Go to the customs counter, present your vehicle title and get an import permit.Go back to the car and drive through the gate, an official may inspect the contents of your vehicle, the VIN and the plates to make sure they match the permit.Go to the Insurance office and buy mandatory insurance for the duration of your stay in Belize.Put the insurance sticker on your car windshield.This border crossing is about 15 minutes outside of the bustling Mexico city of Chetumal, and another 15 minutes from the town of Corozal on the Belizean side. There are smaller towns on the border, and a “free zone” if you’d like to stock up on cheap Chinese junk.

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This is guest post from Sellheim (Dom), originally posted on  Horizons Unlimited
Belize-Mexico, Chetumal Border: Crossed 15/9/12.
Border is well signposted from Chetumal.

Exit Mexico: 
First got the Mexican exit stamp from the tiny little hut (no charge), then was directed by the guards and parked next to the Mexican aduana gave the temporary import paper back and they gave me a receipt saying the funds would be transferred back into my credit card over the next few days, which was (I lost a little $ due to the exchange rates, should have handed over cash originally). 

Enter Belize:
Then it's a 2 minute ride where you get flagged down to have your bike fumigated $USD2.50 and they give you a receipt. Then another 2 minutes to the main immigration building to get stamped in, cost nothing, they just asked how many days I wanted in Belize. I made the mistake of saying I was in transit and they gave me only 2 days! Aduana is in same building, they didn't check the bike at all or issue temporary import paper, just a vehicle stamp in passport with my bike make, colour and plate scribbled down. Next drove down the road another 2 mins to the Insurance Company of Belize building. Friendly Raul filled out the insurance paperwork, paid the minimum of 7 days for USD$29. I was advised that it was mandatory in Belize to have insurance. Whole process took about 40mins. Plenty of accommodation, fuel and ATM's just after the border in the lovely beachside town of Corozal. 

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