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MODERATOR NOTE: No overnight camping allowed, please respect the wishes of the locals.


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The ruins are amazing and well worth a visit! I enjoyed the full hike and loved meandering through the jungle exploring the many structures and saw many monkeys, birds, butterflies, a snake and an opossum type creature. The museum is very worthwhile too. The road is great the 20 km to the museum. The road is good the next 40 km to the site but more narrow and curvy. No potholes and just the occasional low hanging branch. It’s a lot faster by car but doable by class b vans. They do not want you to park at the museum. And if you have a dog with you they will not let you pass through the second checkpoint to the ruins. They will not allow you to park and leave your dog in the car at the museum parking lot. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by leaving your dog outside the reserve either at the entrance or one of the cabana or restaurant locations. It’s not about money, it’s against the federal rules and they’ve had problems.

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parked at the parking lot. the guy said no problem. no facilities but quiet except for sounds of nature. the road that leads to ruins ( 40km) is in very bad shape and LOW branches. I hit the solar panels a few times, so drive slow you have to watch for branches and potholes at the same time worth the visit !

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parking lot, yes, but in the jungle! dreamy night with a lot of jungle sound!

the guard was nice, he didn't charge us!

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Camping in the reserve / at the ruins is not permitted so this is the closest option to park if you want to drive to the ruins early in the morning (access to the reserve from 6am to 3pm)
Big parking lot in front of the museum, convenient but not really nice. Friendly guard said we can park for free if we don’t need any facilities.

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As described before the ruins are gorgeous and well worth the trip. In my opinion you need at least three hours to check them all out.

We first thought we could camp at the parking lot of the ruins but that is not allowed. So we had to drive back 40km to the parking lot of the museum. That takes about 1.5h and you do not really want to do that in the dark because of the low hanging branches.

At the parking lot of the museum the guards wanted additional 64$ pp for camping, after some negotiation we paid 50$ in total for two people.

The parking lot is - as described - nothing fancy but leveled and quiet during the night except jungle sounds.

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Le garde n'a pas était du tout sympathique.. il a exigé 100pp sans services.. nous n'avons donné que 100 un peu à mal mais nous n'avions pas de monnaie.. ça l'a bien arrangé lors de la négociation.. pas un sourire.. tan pis.. on a quand même bien dormi 😊

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finally after long discussion we were allowed to sleep here. we have to buy 4 tickets instead of the 2 necessary... so the night was 128 pesos
we think this guy is maybe a friend of a taxi man who try to sell us 900 pesos the ride twice in the day ( once at the entry and 1 hour later at the museum. ..) maybe uts why he didnt want us to pass... and to sleep... really dont know
but the fact is you have to go to the ruins its just amazing

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the guard was really not friendly.
he said we cant sleep here and we cant try rhe road between here and the ruins ( evenif the others guys at the first entry said we can try but not sure it will be ok because of our 3.4 meters hight... and take our pesos of course)
no discussion possible
really bad mood

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Parked free on the museum parking for three nights. Guess it depends on the guard on watch.
first entry fee 50pp
second entry fee 64pp
third entry fee 70pp

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The guards wanted 50p pp. Impossible to negociate but I said that for that price I wanted shower and restrooms. The guards were not nice at all and one became more frendly when he saw the 100$p bill. Cold shower and pit toilet. The shower seems to belong to the guards camp. Clean.

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Museum currently closed for renovation.

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Parking lot at Museum - free. Although had to pay ejido road fee of 50/per person. Nice free museum with displays and signage in Spanish and English. Had little probably driving in to museum with truck camper requiring 3m clearance. But road is narrow and in bad shape.

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We got here later in the evening and the security guy said no camping and we have to go back to the entrance and get the wrist band the next morning. And also no dogs allowed. So we drove back and camped at the quarry for free. The next day we paid both fees, 50 pesos pP city/road fee and 62 pesos pP for the wrist band (park) right at the entrance. The Calakmul ruins are about 60 km in. The road is decent and I would take a camper down there. There is just the odd branch hanging down, so be careful but you probably are going to drive slower anyways (animals on road). The ruins are 65 pP and are one of the best we have seen in Mexico! In the middle of the jungle where you can see monkeys. It took us about 2 hours to walk thru and you are allowed to climb the pyramids and almost any other ruin there. Easily could spend more time there. Pack a lunch and enjoy it on top of one of the pyramids where you can see for ever over the jungle and Guatemala!

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Dry camping but convenient, especially because the last 40 km take very long with high camper.
We actually lost he fridge cover on top ( 3 m PickUp-Camper) because of many low hanging trees.
Might be better to use a collectivo or hitchhike for the last bit. ruines are beautiful, many monkeys there, so absolutely worth the visit. They charge you 3 times to get there, for 2 people its around 350 pesos. camping is free and there is security at night

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