Hierve el Agua | Established Campground



Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 16.866852, -96.276503
Altitude: 1772.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Warm
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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update : take the road from san lorenzo not from xaaga (with rv we cant pass and took the other one much better)
a more remote state park with mineral water falls and springs you can swim in. Go straight all the way to the back for beautiful views of the pools and the petrified waterfall. 50 Pesos per person to camp, 25pp to enter the park.
We paid our entry and the guy at the gate said he would come to see us later to collect 50per person for camping. He never came and there was nobody to collect money in the morning. So you might get a free night.


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If it want for the pandemic you could still go there easily through Xaaga. The road up the mountains is a single lane dirt road, steep, but in good condition, so anything like a sprinter or smaller should easily do it. However Hierve de Agua and the town in front currently don't let any visitors in and the road is blocked with a chain at the end before the village.

they closed the good road so i don t know how anybody can get here...

a great place to visit. very hot in afternoon. quiet at night. beautiful at Sun rise! had a light supper at one of the shop on sight.

Gravel area with a view to the travertine cascades of Hierve el Agua. Toilets and Restaurants are nearby. Busy during the day, ok in the evening. The Hierve el Agua would be a really great nature attraction but unfortunately people step everywhere on the travertine terraces and new pools are beeing build to make it more touristic than it is already. The water flow is not very big, so the water gets a bit dirty after the heavy use of a weekend day.

Amazing and breathtaking. Known before the conquistadors, open as an attraction since 1995. One of 2 petrified waterfalls in the world, the other is in turkey.

We arrived Saturday afternoon. Paid 10 mex pp to enter area, 25 mex pp to enter Hierve el Agua, and in the eve they cam by to collect 50 mex pp.

Camped on the edge above the pools and falls, woke up to the most amazing view and sunrise. Completely quiet at night, peaceful and safe feeling.

A must see place.

As described, a good place to spend the night and we felt safe here. We walked to the waterfall for sunset and went down to the Hierve el Agua for a beautiful sunrise. Definitely worth spending the night here. It is so much more enjoyable without the busses of tourists and also through the day it was bloody hot!

Great place, nice people, wonderful views !

Lots of parking. Busy during the day but at night super quiet. Beautiful views on the mountains. Toilets available. $10pp to drive thru town, $25pp to enter the site and $50pp for camping.. the site is pretty cool but not very big.. it’s ok!

Wonderful place with a beautiful scenery; still 10Pesos p.p for the street; 25Pesos p.p for the entry to the Hierve el Agua and 50Pesos p.p and night to camp; THE WEIRD thing to us and our other 4 Overlander friends after staying 4nights ( the 100Pesos were collected every evening) was the request to leave!! Actually we don't know why- maybe we blocked the edge to much with our 5 camper?? Anyway..we left the next morning.

Nice, awesome and quite place. Night was calm and under 20°C.
Great view on the lakes. After 6.30 p.m. you are alone ...
10$ for the street pp, 25$ entry fee pp & 50$ camp fee pp

Amazing!!! Arrived at 6.30 p.m. and there was only one other group of three people. In the morning people started to arrive at 9. a.m. but until we left at 11 a.m. it still wasn't crowded on a friday.. maybe because it's low season?

Loved this place! Well worth the visit. 100% take the road from San Lorenzo! We thought it was blocked off but it’s open and a way better drive. We didn’t have to pay the 10p for the use of the road but we did pay 25p/per person for entry and 40p to stay the night. Get up for sunrise and you will probably have the place to yourself

Best plan:
Come in the late afternoon (~5pm). Pay entry and camping. Park at the very right of the site.
Go for the 1 hour hike. It’s beautiful!
Next morning (~7:30am) go for a swim by yourself. Leave when tourists arrive (~9am).
Dusk and dawn are beautiful here!

A estrada até aqui é de subidas e descidas, o lugar é bem bonito, piscinas com borda infinita, água brotando do chão, uma mini caminhada para ver uma cachoeira pedrificada. Pagamos $25,00 pesos por pessoa. Estacionamento grátis, só paga se quiser passar a noite. Tem placas de proibido cachorros, mas deixam entrar com eles na guia ou no colo.

super amazing place, quiet, toilets and water. Before 10 and after 6 You have the Lagunas for yourself. Don't miss the walk to the other stonefalls. 50 pesos per night per person. check in after 7.30 in the night, you don't have to pay the parking fee.

Signs state NO DOGS but we showed up at about 530PM, kept our perrita under control and on a leash near people. The guys at the entrance didn’t say anything. One tour guide or parks man within the premises mentioned having her on a leash on the busy trails. We had no issues.

As described above. San Lorenzo just 4km from good track. A dam at the outlet of the village which demands 10 pesos per person to pay the tarpaulin of the rest of the road. Ideal for being able to benefit from the site before the arrival of tourists. Avoid if possible at the weekend.

Great place to spend the afternoon and night.
We arrived around 3pm, we swam into the pools, was not so crowded (on a Tuesday).
Then we went for a hour hike to see the Cascadas de Piedras. The best part was after 7pm when everybody leaves and you almost all place for you - we were only 3 vans staying there at night. Beautiful view!!!
They left one toilet open and clean for us. 50pesos per person + the entrance fee of 25pesos. Recommended!

We are torn about this place. While the views are beautiful, the water is not hot spring temperatures by any means of the imagination and was quite dirty on a Wednesday.

Cost is 25pesos pp entrance, 10pesos pp road charge (local fued), and don’t forget about the toll charge of 31 pesos each way to get here.

We got our pics and left as we didn’t feel it was worth it...

Beautiful spot, worth a visit.We got there around 8:45 and there were about 7 others there. By about 9:45 it was getting quite full and hot as well so recommend early or late visit.

We disagree with the entry below, it is very much worth a visit here. NOT on a weekend/holiday, but park-up for the night and go down to the pools at dawn. Spectacular. They seem to have had a clear-up as there was none of the rubbish lying around that we had been warned about. Well worth 25 pesos.

This is not worth the time or pesos. Dirty and windy.

40$ (camping) + 25$ (entrance) + 10$ (road village before) .... Motorbike and tent.... Had the place for myself in the night and morning... Good for one night... Sadly kind of a mass tourist place which obviously causes a lot of nature destruction... But well - worth a visit....

I've stayed inside the white building so rain didn't bother me neither dust. A pack of dogs was walking around and barking at times but not big deal. got amazing pictures of the Hierve el Agua place.

As described in all the previous entries. Strongly advise to skip the crowds during the day and enjoy the place at sunset or in the first hours of the morning!
10Pesos pp "toll fee" in the village / 25Pesos pp entrance fee / 40Pesos pp dry camping (toilets available)
The view is spectacular and the pool look nice turquoise & green! I wouldn't necessarily want to swimm in them after a busy sunday... (the water looks realy dirty, to be fair probably also because of the sulfur and other particles)
Unfortunately the amount of tourists definitly left a trace in this beautiful nature with people walking on the stone formations - took 1000s of years to build and only a couple to destroy it :-(

Good for one night. Slept here for one night with the intention of waking up early and having the place to ourselves. We're not sure if they clean the pools every Monday morning or just once a month but the next morning the pools were empty and they were cleaning them out. It was still beautiful but a little bummed we missed it. There is a small hike you can do over the petrified waterfall that is beautiful. Also if you camp for the night don't stay in the main parking lot... there is another area up top by the trail head that is much better.

Cool spot with water basins where you can swim in the cold water that comes from springs. The view of the mountains is breathtaking. Lots of people starting from noon to 6hpm so get there early or late for sunset.

10 pesos per person for road access, 25 per person for Hierve el Agua entrance. 3 pesos for bathroom near the pools.

Camping is not worth it there for 40 pesos per person. Go check out the free camping 3km from this spot. It's for free and much nicer ;)

As they said, it's worth coming here and spending the night, as you have the place for yourself until around 9-10am. We paid 40MP/pp for the night, plus 25MP/pp for the entrance, plus 10MP/pp for the road at the entrance of town. Decent toilets open 24h, bring your TP. We were the only ones there. It was very calm and felt safe.

25 pesos par personne l’entrée et 40 pesos par personne pour la nuit. Aucun service à part les toilettes, on peut manger sur place toute la journée, beaucoup de petits stand boissons, fruits et plats locaux. Super spot en pleine montagne avec un magnifique lever de soleil sur les bassins d’eau et les cascades pétrifiées !
Nuit très calme, endroit sécurisé et fermé.

Yes, it’s disappointing — if you come here on a sunny afternoon and stick to the crowds gathering around the two main pools. But lacing up your hiking boots and going for a walk along the loop trail will turn your visit here into a prime experience. A must see (one photo added)!

Stayed there one night for 40$/person. Beautiful spot in the morning before the selfie sticks come in at noon (tourists buses). The walk to the petrified water is definitely worth.

Definitely a nice spot for a visit. We came late in the evening, about 30 min after sunset just before it was getting dark - and no one was there, apart other overlanders :) Guy came to collect 40+25 pesos per person for camping and entry.
The next morning, it was super windy and dusty (and cold), but around 8:30 the sun came out and it was nice. We had the place basically to ourselves until 10:30 :)

A bit disappointed by this place.
It's super touristic and dusty.
The pools are starting to be completely denatured as people can go everywhere and do everything they want. The toilets are really bad.
Ok the view is nice and you will have a nice picture but it doesn't worth it for us. It's a shame to see a beautiful place became as bad as that cause to humans...

really beautifull and quiet place to stay
you have to take the road from san lorenzo not from xaaga... this one is really difficult we have to change our plan in the middle and go by san lorenzo so much better

Pubic hair in bed. Bedding not changed! Cheap, charming but not fun to realize you’re sharing the sheets of a hairy something.

Really cool spot to camp as you wake up to gorgeous Mountain Views. We got there late afternoon and explored the pools and petrified waterfalls and it was busy - lots of people in the pools. Best views are at sunrise just before they open as you get the place to yourself. $25/person to enter and $40/person to camp. Bathrooms available but we didn’t use them. Restaurants close down around 6:30. Worth a visit.

Gorgeous views and hikes, swimming in the natural pools. This is dry camping (no hookups), but there are toilets. Eateries with the usual quesadillas, etc. on site. Security guards at front gate 24 hours: they came around at night asking for 40 pesos per person for camping. If you are set up for dry camping this is a great place to camp.

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Awesome place, but be warned: they occasionally drain the pools to clean them and it takes a while for them to refill. we got there and there was hardly any water, only in the big main pool.
that was a bummer, but we did enjoy the hike that goes down below the falls for a great view of several "waterfalls". the hike is about 2.5 miles and worth doing!

At the end of the parking lot there is lot of space for campers. You have a spectacular view on the mountains and the pools of Hierve el agua. There are lot of restaurants (mosts open only on weekends(, toilets and showers. We payed 10 pesos/car for the road access, 30 pesos/people entrance fee and 40 pesos/people for camping. Don't miss the hike around the falls!

Spent one night and got up at sunrise to beat the hoards of tourists for photos. Was quite rudely awaken by three men in a "police" truck at 10PM. They shone their lights into our rig and yelled at us about them being police (which they weren't). They asked for 40Pesos/Person for the night. The spot is beautiful but the way we were woken up was really uncomfortable.

Cool place, would be too good to be true if the pools were hot but they're pretty cold. Peaceful at night, fire rings for camp fires although there isnt much wood around. Friendly rent a dogs.

Pretty cool place to see. Water is very cold and there were lots of people there at night when we showed up. First thing in the morning, we were the only people at the swimming area. Good micheladas.

To get there, follow the libra road past Mitla to San Lorenzo Albarrados as the roads are much better than going over the top of the mountain as we did on the way there.

The Pools are very nice but the campground is just a parking.

The free highway from Oaxaca/Mitla is in good condition, apart from a few topes.

Gravel access road to Hierve el Agua still 10 MXP.

I camped outside the entrance gate for free, but the camp spots inside (might be worth the 40 MXP) are right on the ridge with great views.

As described ca 150 Pesos for 2. You can park right on the cliffedge. Even firerings. Were alone in the evening and the morning. Lots of food/coco/pina stands through the day, but not at the camping area. Toilets open all night.

The falls are cool. This hike is nice. The camping is just ok. Fine for a night. Paid 10p each to drive to entrance. Paid 25p each for entrance fee. Paid 40p each for camping. Total for two 150p. Also the highway from Oaxaca to here does not say is a toll road, but just before you get here there is a toll 56p. I marked it on iovelander. There is a no dog sign at the entrance, but gard said it's fine, just not in the pools.

Lovely place to stay. Very quiet at night. When visitors left it was all for ourselves, another van and only one tent. You need to arrive before they lock the gate though, at around 20h. Clean toilets and sinks yo wash your dishes. We paid 40 pesos each plus 25 pesos each for the entrance to hierve el agua ticket.

Paid 10mx pp on road in that seemed to be just an enterprising local. 25mx pp for entrance and 40mx pp to camp. Got the spot at beginning of the trail for great views. Very crowded until about 6pm. Pools not hot at all but quite cool- still refreshing. Had fantastic micheldas at one of the little restaurants. Bathrooms were 3mx but only during busy time of day- after that women's left open at no cost.

Beautiful spot just above the pools and waterfalls. Well worth the trip. We were the only ones to camp and it was very quiet as soon as the other tourists had left. The waterfalls are nice, especially the walk down the valley. It is a round trip and takes about an hour. The campground was ok, just a part of the parking lot but has a nice view. Toilets were clean but cost extra 3 pesos. The men's bathroom was open all night. No showers. Paid 40 pesos per person camping plus 25 per person entrance fee. Plus an inofficial-looking toll of 10 pesos per person to access the road to Hierve el Agua. So 130 pesos in total for two persons.

Nice, quiet place. We were the only ones overnighting here. Lot of stalls to get dinner or breakfast. Have some cambio - the bathrooms are extra 3 MXP.

as described. paid a 20p "toll" then paid 130p to park and camp for two. worth a visit. Tecel reception but data not so much. very quiet; no dogs or roosters!

great place to visit, nice view from the end of the parking.

Dusty and dry with very little shade but great views and behind a secure fence. It cost us $25 each entrance plus $40 each to camp, plus $10 each to use the road in. The pools are really cold but refreshing on a hot day. The men's toilet was left open overnight for us. The place has some nice looking rooms and a pool but they seem run down and not are not in use, although some of the sinks still have running water. We met some French people in a camper that just slept outside the gate in order to avoid the camping fee. You can buy basic cooked food and fruit there. The walk down to below the falls is worth doing, although they may try and make you pay for a guide. No wifi.

Camping 40 pesos per person
Entrance 25 pesos per person
130 pesos total for the two of us.
No wifi, plain parking lot, amazing views, breezy, up a long dirt road in the mountains, but they actually locked the bathrooms at night--we had to ask them to open them at 8am in the morning...

There is large, ungainly, partially finished palapa that has lot's of bird poop in it. Better to stay outside. That said, they do have running water in them. We pulled around the right of the Palapas for some wind shelter and great views. Cost for two people, including two entrance fee, camping and a toll in the town before: $150 p. Hierve is beautiful.

Very good, the price was $40 mex per person, but we bargain the price, at the end we paid $40 for 2 pax.
Clean bath, no electricity and no showers.
Amazing view at sunset ! lots of nature, cold at night

Prices are now 25 pesos per person, plus 40 per person camping. Well worth it, just a short drive from Oaxaca. Plenty to see, if you hike the loop trail into the canyon you get an impressive view of the petrified waterfalls. 3 pesos for the restrooms if you use them when they're busy. The springs are not hot.

A more remote state park with mineral water falls and springs you can swim in.

PROS: you have the place to yourself in the morning, lots of places to eat along the edge of the parking lot CONS: very busy during the day so you may have to wait until it clears out to find a good place to park for the night 20 pesos/person to get in PLUS 30 pesos/person to camp for the night

20 pesos / person single entry, then 30 pesos / night / person extra if you want to stay here. Go straight all the way to the back for beautiful views of the pools and the petrified waterfall. Place unfortunately a bit dusty & dry.
Villagers previously also required 20Pesos/Person toll for the bad gravel road before Hierve el Agua when coming via the motorway from Mitla. Since ownership seem to be unclear, and it is argued over, we were told that the road would be closed also from time to time due to strikes, as happened two days before we arrived.
There is another gravel road that branches off the highway at Mitla RIGHT. We have taken this path as a way back. We have found a faucet in one of the covered (extremely dirty) BBQ areas found right next to our place. Toilets cost extra.

Spot with a spectacular view of the petrified waterfall and natural pool. You can completely drive through the camping area and move to the last site right next to the rim. From there, a great hike starts down the valley and along the foothills of the petrified waterfalls. Flush toilets provided, swimming in the natural pool (about 22 ° C).

(Campground consists of 20 pesos / day / person entrance fee for the park plus 50 pesos for camping)