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March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

it's a pretty spot for swimming and camping. clear water.
the entrance is steep and a Little Rocky, but not problem with our heavy e350, we entered backwards because of the small space down on the water. a normal short car could turn around there.
shady and very quiet.

Lakeside camping 16.994196, -89.723426
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March 16th, 2019 oehrleins Iconpopout

The Neuk guest house is home away from home! Haley, the owner and manager, is such an amazing, welcoming, funny and engaging person! We laughed a lot together, the rooms are beautifully designed with antique furniture, spotless bathrooms, great breakfast and whenever you had a question, Haley was there for us! Our car didn’t fit in her parking so she found a place where we could park it safely. She dropped and fetched us at the parking, so grateful for that! If you have the chance or opportunity to stay there, we recommend it without any reservation. The Neuk is located next to Florida road, many restaurants, bars, shops and grocery stores. 115oZAR double room incl breakfast.

The Neuk guest house -29.828016, 31.011485
March 16th, 2019 Gina & Micha Iconpopout

Great new foodcort - Burgers, pizza, sushi, rolled icecream and an awesome backery with souerdough and real 100% integral bread
You could also just use the nice bathrooms ;)

Mercado del Jardin - Foodcourt -54.806879, -68.307076
March 16th, 2019 reuth5221 Iconpopout

We found this camp really nice and calm.
We spent here 5 nights because we needed to fix some things in our car.
We enjoy the environment, yes there was some groups with music but there were in other part in the camp site and not at the “zona de acampar” so it wasn’t a problem for us at all.
The crew was friendly and the bathroom was clean with hot shower.
Still 5,000 per adult.

Calama Camping Extraccion -22.467617, -68.914615
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

I left another ioverlander point for this place as a POI for kids and confirmed with their security you can sleep on their parking lot that have no chains but the real deal (if traveling without kids) is that they have showers inside for free near the water games when the park is open!

Ximbal's parking lot 19.829240, -90.526380
March 16th, 2019 Run Run Andante Iconpopout

We didn't stay but we saw that work 24 hrs. We could take a hot shower

No nos quedamos, pero vimos que funciona 24 hrs. Pudimos tomar una ducha caliente :)

Fuel station Movil -0.441523, -78.555622
March 16th, 2019 GillesleSuisse Iconpopout

Simple but relaxed place with private rooms and dorms. I could bargain a bed in the 4 bed dorm for 25'000 TZS. The room was clean and comfortable but the washrooms were dirty. If you have a vehicle you can park inside.

Panorama Hostel -5.353696, 39.645789
March 16th, 2019 Binobob Iconpopout

They wash you car (even on top and underneath) and grease your parts for 250p. Good job done.

Lavado y Engrasado 18.451533, -97.410423
March 16th, 2019 emelineponcelet Iconpopout

best hostel in a while! but book before... ;)
We went to this hostel to ask for two beds in a shared room but they had none.
BUT. they told us they were having an asado with wine the same night, and the vibe in the hostel was amazing so we signed up. the staff was really welcoming and the Asado great. they invited us to drink some mate the next day, told us we could cook and watch tv / play Xbob...
they also have tours !
and a bar...

totally recommend you. just remember to book in advance ;)

Hostel Internacional Campo Base -32.890776, -68.839572
March 16th, 2019 pierreetcharlinetdm Iconpopout

here is the FREE parking place for the entrance in the canyon.
we've stayed here with 2RVwithout any problem
quiet night, just 2dogs barkling. and at 7.30 a man has knocked at the windows (to have some "propina") but we don't have answer !!!

the fee for the mirador is 3sol pp
seems to be a very nice place but it was difficult to see all the canyon because of the fog !!!

Cañon del sonche - parking lot - entrance -6.173930, -77.860070
March 16th, 2019 rocketodiaries Iconpopout

We asked for the price and the guy at the entramce told us 20.000 pp, INSANE. We told him that couldn’t be the correct price, that we knew of people who had payed less. He told us that that had always been the price and that noone had ever payed less. We then left and went to the other iOverlander spot right next to this one and payed 13.000 pp. Really disappointed by the guys trying to ripp us off.

Donde JuanB Restaurante Bosque De Cocora 4.638145, -75.488157
March 16th, 2019 natalie.neagu Iconpopout

Super bureaucratic pass. We had bought a foriegn car 2-3 weeks back and traveled with a poder until our papers are processed and the ownership transferred. We were able to cross borders easily in other places but here they were super strict about EVERYTHING and said that our poder, which was signed in Chile but specifies all SA countries, is not legal in Argentina (although it wasnt the first time we crossed over). The head of customes kindly proposed to confiscate our car, or return to Chile. Also they check for international insurence valid for Argentina. DONT cross here if your vehicle papers are not perfect... The Chileans took us back with open arms.

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Futaleufú -43.173425, -71.750832
March 16th, 2019 natalie.neagu Iconpopout

Part of the rio chico sector of the reserve. Easy day hikes to three mirradors: piedra ventosa (2 km ida), el piedrero (1.3 km ida) and el condor (2.5 km ida). Registration and maps at the administration office. No camping.
Vehicle gate closes at 1500 (winter) or 1730(summer) but you can leave your car outside by the gate and walk in.

Administration RN Futaleufu -43.196651, -71.805987
March 16th, 2019 catherineinlove Iconpopout

Very nice and friendly family that has this jungle campground. Small, lots of trees. From the main road it’s 1km through the jungle (bit scary if you arrive later because it’s so dark and many splits in the road but they all lead to the campground !).
Hot showers, cool animal noises and respective animals such as birds and monkeys. 80pp a night. No dump. Very very quiet and nice!!! Go take a look!!

La Jungla, Catemaco 18.454098, -95.067332
March 16th, 2019 slpharo Iconpopout

Sweetest lady, and really impressive fix on a bag we had for 2000clp. Would absolutely recommend.

Tailor/seamstress -51.728712, -72.500659
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

Homemade chips,good guacamole and awesome Verde salsa! A nice outdoor seating with large palapa. Came here to wait for our laundry to get done.

Restaurant Las Fuentes 23.446460, -110.226024
March 16th, 2019 amberlynwinkel Iconpopout

Packed full of people and kids. Large facility, big pool, lots of activities for kids and adults. Cost $68 to camp. Shitty wifi

Koa Santa Cruz/ Monterey 32.654228, -117.079799
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

This place seems to be closed. The location is now a machine shop with engine blocks and other car parts filling the courtyard.

Sandaval Home 20.879969, -103.839016
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

Do not go here! They changed 200mx for a small load! Then we had a laundry bag we used and did not want to give it back. First place we felt ripped off our whole trip.

Lavenderia Neptun 23.443636, -110.222849
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

Shop recommended to me to get work done. If you're riding a thumper or any non-fancy bike, this is the place youd want to go to get stuff welded or fixed. They have random old bikes laying around so you might get lucky!

Moto Pablo Motorcycle repair -54.820196, -68.337098
March 16th, 2019 remi.gwen Iconpopout

Lowe's parking. The manager allowed us to stay one night. We came back twice without being bothered. Noisy at evening, especially on Friday, but quiet at night. Wifi accessible from the car park.

Lowe's 37.100905, -113.554702
March 16th, 2019 gnarlynathan Iconpopout

Absolutely incredible ride on a motorcycle to a 14000 ft Basecamp complete with a shelter for people who are climbing the rest of the way through the 18700 foot summit. On a motorcycle you may not find better riding in all of Mexico! it is entirely possible to ride up here camp for the night and ride back down the next day however this shelter is nothing more than a roof and wind protection. You would need a good sleeping bag and obviously food. With that said you can get lost for days up here in this mountain range exploring and off-roading. absolutely incredible!

Piedra Grande Basecamp 19.058061, -97.269976
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March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

As described large camping but only 2 to 3 spots for motorhome at entrance. 220 and 110v, water, showers hot and cold, banos all clean. overpriced 45R$/person + 36 for motorhome, but if you are more than 60, 1/2 price....😉 pool and waterfall seems quiet even weekend as we are now.

Camping Veu de Novia -19.316598, -43.608334
March 16th, 2019 Expédition 4x4 en voyage Facebook Iconpopout

Free everything large place on good green ground. Hot showers water toilets fresh water and dump station. Our 4 times quiet and easy accès. Some snowbirds here for 5 months.

Falcon County Park 26.567231, -99.128309
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March 16th, 2019 liloudesigner Iconpopout

It is 5 hidden private ,different sizes, studios and apartments,surrounded by nature. 5-7 mins walk to the beach. Close to the canal and plenty restaurants around and easy access to some local restaurant, crossing the bridge like all beenpastor 5x pastors (small but good) for 30 pesos.
We have seen only the inside of our apartment, but its amazing private 2 floors 2 bedrooms can sleep 4 or 5 people basic kitchen set up but nice space to cook. But the hit is the second floor private roof top couch under the stars and a palapa with hammock, table, chairs so you can enjoy it all the timefor 2 people 500 a night.... but since we ended up staying a week Señor Anibal said he will make us a little deal 🙂 nice calm private cosy and affordable place perfect for a little pit stop! ** if you come has a group e know that there is only one bathroom. Which has a tube smell... and if you have a bug net better. No AC but 4-5 móvil fans.. so all good we really enjoyed it annoyed they are beautiful hummingbirds that come and visit you on your private terrace. What I know too is that it is available till someone Santa (end of April 2019)

Casa mexica 17.640725, -101.552247
March 16th, 2019 cjbiketours Iconpopout

Amazing beauty, camping allowed, many flat parking spots. This was a very quiet place. Right on the lake. No restrooms. Picnic tables and garbage cans available
no running water.

Hill Creek Park 32.233858, -95.183393
March 16th, 2019 corgi Iconpopout

Grocery store with fresh fruits, vegetables and other groceries. Very nice staff.

Verduleria Los Amigos 18.611910, -95.658190
March 16th, 2019 corgi Iconpopout

Supermarket with all groceries except fruits and vegetables.

Supermercado Neto 18.612711, -95.661506
March 16th, 2019 Iconpopout

Same entrance lane as Carolina but stay straight to end of lane. Restaurant/hotel with ample place to park. Nice pools, great restaurant under a large palapa. Formerly called Canopys del Rio per google maps. José the proprietary welcomes overlanders. Clean bathrooms with seats and tp. Shower is the poolside outside shower but may be possible to use a room shower during week when no one else is here (hotel is mostly a weekender spot for locals from San Salvador). Access to beach across the lane fronting the ocean. They mentioned electrical but we didn’t see it nor need it. Possible in the future as we will discuss with owner how to make this more available for overlanders. Same with WiFi (none at present but good cell service).

El Resort Zunzal 13.494498, -89.393623
March 16th, 2019 jaceyanne Iconpopout

We arrived in late afternoon and were told we could camp for free in or near the parking area. We took a rough high clearance 4wd road on the lower side of the parking area and a few hundred meters down there was a big open meadow with flat enough spots on the north side of the meadow for our truck camper. It was a gorgeous quiet night of sleep.

It was a cooler day for mid march and we were told many mariposas had left in the past week when things had warmed up. We were pleasantly surprised with the quantity of butterflies that remained, however it was a longer hike than we expected. It took us almost 2 hours, granted we were hiking with our twin 5 year olds. They took horses back for 100 pesos.

There were many restaurants with good food. There were also lots of kids requesting money for trivial tasks or just begging for a moneda for a soda.

Santuario de la Mariposa Monarca Chincua – Estacionamiento 19.671090, -100.278070
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